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It crashed on boot. Wasn't able to run it

hi imma play this thank u

I want more please! 

Keep up the good work!


Good work! :D

I thought this was really neat! :D

hey we played

make it more

is is all v cute

Host had no way to enter a port. We were unable to play with 4 people. :o

Yea! Please update it!

Ohh ok! There should be a wine-skin out there for this, correct?

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  • RPG Maker
    • Good for designers just looking to tell a story!
    • Simple and easy logic!
    • $8 for complete package this weekend only
  • GameMaker: Studio
    • Snap-together scripting
    • Custom programming language if you want to go more advanced
    • $6 for Professional this weekend only
  • Craftstudio
    • Snap-together scripting
    • Built-in 3D modeling and texturing tools
    • "Multiplayer" development environment
  • Unity 5
    • Missing a lot of features for beginners
    • Extensive Asset Store
    • Requires C# programming knowledge or additional purchase
  • Unreal 4
    • More advanced
    • Limited Asset Store
    • Comes with visual scripting language "Blueprint"
    • C# or C++ programming


  • 3D: Blender
    • Painting on models
  • Fast 3D: Magica Voxel
    • Quickly color blocks
  • Pixel Animation: Piskel
    • Quick and easy but limited
  • Pixel Animation: GraphicsGale
    • Lacks decent transparency options
    • More advanced