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It crashed on boot. Wasn't able to run it

hi imma play this thank u

We agree on all points. Thank you for playing!

I want more please! 

Keep up the good work!


Haha! Thanks for playing and taking a video! 

The demo scenario is quite difficult! Thanks for the great suggestion!

Thank you so much for your interest!

Thank you for playing! 

We cannot announce final platforms at this time! We'd love to do Steam as well! 

Thank you for your input!

Thanks for the feedback!

Good work! :D

I thought this was really neat! :D

hey we played

make it more

is is all v cute

Host had no way to enter a port. We were unable to play with 4 people. :o

I'm going to check this out a bit tonight! :D

Yea! Please update it!

Ohh ok! There should be a wine-skin out there for this, correct?

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  • RPG Maker
    • Good for designers just looking to tell a story!
    • Simple and easy logic!
    • $8 for complete package this weekend only
  • GameMaker: Studio
    • Snap-together scripting
    • Custom programming language if you want to go more advanced
    • $6 for Professional this weekend only
  • Craftstudio
    • Snap-together scripting
    • Built-in 3D modeling and texturing tools
    • "Multiplayer" development environment
  • Unity 5
    • Missing a lot of features for beginners
    • Extensive Asset Store
    • Requires C# programming knowledge or additional purchase
  • Unreal 4
    • More advanced
    • Limited Asset Store
    • Comes with visual scripting language "Blueprint"
    • C# or C++ programming


  • 3D: Blender
    • Painting on models
  • Fast 3D: Magica Voxel
    • Quickly color blocks
  • Pixel Animation: Piskel
    • Quick and easy but limited
  • Pixel Animation: GraphicsGale
    • Lacks decent transparency options
    • More advanced