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Interesting game! The idea of a delusional old man beating people up is hilarious :D Challange was a bit low. Every time I start I just find and go straight to the stairs. Goblins is walking at the same speed as me so they couldn't reach me. Attack animation is a bit slow too but that may be intentional. Map generation is pretty good.

Fight with hordes of enemies in procedural maps while mining for resources.


  • Procedural maps
  • Online leaderboard
  • Cool particle fx!
  • Not so cool sound fx! ( But at least there is one)
  • 4 different enemy types
  • 3 different turrets with upgrades


Some screenshots:

It's jam game made in 96 hours for JamDna3

Its so cool! Just started using it. Gonna fill the feedback form after I use it for a while

My current high score

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was bothered with that as well but I didn't had enough time to fix that which is not very hard thing to do I know :D I realized the time problem at the very last hours. There wasn't any incentive for risk. You can just write one action at a time and make a highscore easily. But there is a problem with your approach too. I believe it would be too easy.

That did it! I was able to open it with that file. I loved the cute graphics. I love everything about it :D Its just great! Did you get any training about drawing? All I can do is programmer art :D

I can't play the game on mac. Probably because I'm a mac noob :D. I uncompressed it to a folder then tried to open application file but nothing happened. I wanted to play it though

I uploaded a zip version. Try that one

Was camera not following? Are you using the lastest version?

I'm sorry you had a bad experience. There was some game breaking bugs that causes jerking camera, animation stucks etc. We recently released an update which fixes those bugs. Btw you have to go right, after dropping maryo.

Everything was going fine.. until the second floor. That damn crane:D Can't you just made an elevator :D I'm quite curious about the attraction system you made.

tank you.

Yeah sorry. I am sleepless. I must've forgot.

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"The most important thing about a technology is how it changes people".-JARON LANIER

  • You're a mercenary. You are a miner. You are an old pirate. three people stuck on an alien planet. The only one will escape from the horrors of the red planet. But every try will make it stronger, faster, smarter...You've got only one chance at it. Good luck.

  • Red Frontier is an open world horror/action game where you need to use your available tools and strategies to confuse the monster and escape from the planet. You'll need to unlock four stations to escape. You have only one life, but three characters. each character is different from each other. if your first character dies, the monster becomes stronger. So the game becomes harder and harder.

  • Game time is around fifteen to thirty minutes depending on your gameplay style. The Game Does not have a full-fledged lore but there are some collectibles to give you a good far future feeling. Or in case players want a sequel.

Real Ingame Screenshots:

Click Here For Game Page

Great game I loved it! Especially I loved faces :D like they're high or something:D