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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, I noticed that too during the development.  For some reason, they feel so human. Maybe it's because of the limited number of interaction mechanics

On paper AI is nothing fancy. Just a finite state machine with a greedy inclination

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Thanks for the feedback! That is probably not a bug. When you hover on your character with the mouse, it shows you some of your stats. I should change that in the future

Nice! It was fun to play but I had a few issues. I couldn't find a way to recover health even though I'm constantly losing health. The creatures are too tough and quickly piles up around me and blocking my exit. But overall simple and solid gameplay!

Thanks! I didn't want to make sounds punchy because most of them are playing tens of times in a second in later in the game. But nice idea! I might add some kicks to less frequent sounds

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Hello fellow Jammers!

It would be great to get more feedback on my game. Here's my entry:

If you've made a game (Especially if it's similar) post it in the comments! I would love to play and rate it

Totally valid feedbacks and I agree with all of them. I'll work on those in the updated version. Thanks a lot!

Yeah ghost walk is a little weird but its still cool! Thanks for the feedback!

Juice overload! Def deserves first place. Every little detail feels amazing

Particle effects really make things awesome. And this game nails it!

Thanks! I'm glad everything felt great! The game has this cute vibe for some reason :D

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Hahaha :D Okay okay I'll get back to it... Just took a quick detour that's all :D

I actually somewhat regularly post new DoubleMe WIP gifs on twitter and gamejolt. Maybe I should post more on itch

Thanks! I like roguelikes too! They really are so fun to play

No problem. I hope you'll enjoy it!

I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks a lot!

Hey! Excited for the jam! I attended a game jam similar to this. There were lots of technical questions asked by attendees. Maybe you can check out there and answer some questions that apply to this jam as well. 

That jam was called 4MB Jam:

And please don't make the same mistake about the results. 1st place won with two 5 star ratings

Hey, I'm glad you liked it! 

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the atmosphere which I value the most in my games. Like you, I like that hallucination thing in the first game so I'll definitely work on it more!


Sorry for the sound bug and sorry for the high difficulty. I'll adjust it if I make another update. Thanks for the feedback! 

Thanks a lot! Maybe later I'll polish it up and create a proper game out of this

yeah i wanted to do generative sounds as well but run out of time. Thanks

Muzigi biraz kestim oyuna uymasi icin ama tam hali burada:

Game Mode by WinnieTheMoog

Tesekkurler. Tabi ki benim icin sorun yok

A project I've developed for my final project. It's an FPS Tower Defense / RTS game. 

Here's the link:

Sure why not :D Most of them have extra legs to spare anyway

Tabiki benim için sorun yok

Yayınlayabilirsin tabiki. Sorun değil benim için 

I've really liked the way you used the cinema effects. Especially grain effect. The general color palette of the world is really good too. Only thing that bothered me is the health system. It feels off. Like I'm standing on top of the spikes and sometimes my health goes down sometimes it don't. Maybe one health system would be better but I don't know.

I really loved this game! It's really relaxing with it's awesome shaders and it's smooth particles. Hard to believe it's made in 3 days! Also, for some reason it reminded me of Spiritfarer. 

Oh i didn't realize it was a jam game. As a jam entry, it's really good! Good luck on your next game jams!

I really enjoyed the aesthetic. I'm a sucker for stories of mechanical failure in space.  Story is good but feels like there isn't an overaching story (Probably because it's not finished). Only one thing bothered me, checking out each door to find which one is unlocked. Also it feels like door unlocks just for the sake of the story and I think it breaks immersion. Other than that, this game is great!

We fill every requirements that are in the link you've posted under the Getting Indexed. And it's been 2 days we've made our demo avaible. Maybe it's a bug?

Weird. For some reason we can't find it. I can find it after logging in but my project partner can't;

Did you search Red Frontier 1 or 2? Because Red Frontier 1 is fine. Our sequel is having this problem

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We can't find our game even while searching for specifically for it's name which is Red Frontier 2. We've made it public so that's not the issue. I messaged support but they didn't respond. Anyone having the same problem? Is there a setting I forgot?

Thanks! It's nice to hear these things from a random someone. Thanks for spreading positivity!

We're working on Red Frontier 2 so this version won't be getting any new update. You can follow the development here:

Go ahead and play it. It probably will be a while until the next update.