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Oh i didn't realize it was a jam game. As a jam entry, it's really good! Good luck on your next game jams!

I really enjoyed the aesthetic. I'm a sucker for stories of mechanical failure in space.  Story is good but feels like there isn't an overaching story (Probably because it's not finished). Only one thing bothered me, checking out each door to find which one is unlocked. Also it feels like door unlocks just for the sake of the story and I think it breaks immersion. Other than that, this game is great!

We fill every requirements that are in the link you've posted under the Getting Indexed. And it's been 2 days we've made our demo avaible. Maybe it's a bug?

Weird. For some reason we can't find it. I can find it after logging in but my project partner can't;

Did you search Red Frontier 1 or 2? Because Red Frontier 1 is fine. Our sequel is having this problem

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We can't find our game even while searching for specifically for it's name which is Red Frontier 2. We've made it public so that's not the issue. I messaged support but they didn't respond. Anyone having the same problem? Is there a setting I forgot?

Thanks! It's nice to hear these things from a random someone. Thanks for spreading positivity!

We're working on Red Frontier 2 so this version won't be getting any new update. You can follow the development here:

Go ahead and play it. It probably will be a while until the next update.

Thanks for playing! Remember to check the eyes before you shoot next time you see yourself on the streets!

Thanks. I'm glad you got inspired by my work.

Yes it's super relaxing. While making this project, I've lost so much time playing it instead of developing it :D

Thanks! I thought i fixed that bug but it just keeps coming. I'll take a look at it again

1.1 Update doesn't add much new content to the game. If you don't mind the bugs you can skip that one. But next update will be different

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks!

I'm glad you had fun! I had fun watching your video too!

This was really fun to watch! The intro was awesome. I half-expected your clone to draw a knife on you:D I hope you've shot him though

I watched your video and really had fun. Plus I've gained 1000 years of good luck. Win-win :D (Stealth means your target didn't noticed you or was trying to attack you)

Thanks for the video! I'm glad you liked it

I'm currently working on the version 1.1

Thank you for the video!

Thank you for playing!

You were really cautious :D Thanks for the video! 

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I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's really nice that you're making an indie series. You can check out my other games and play it if any interests you

Wow! You even passed my score which was arround 1500. Hats off to you sir!

I am planning to explain mutators when you gained them in the next version. Actually, I worked multiplayer system and connection code is ready. But I want to make the gameplay the best it can be then add multiplayer.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you had fun. There is a bug that teleports your target to your spawn point and I'll fix that in the next version

Thanks for your feedback and great video! I was going to add mutator descriptions but run out of time. I'll add it to the list of things to make in the next version!

Yes but I hope I can find some time to work on this game more because there are more things I want to do

Your clone is hiding among the crowd with a knife in his hand. You've got a gun with one bullet. Can you indentify your clone before it gets you?


  • 9 different enemy behaviours that drastically change the game
  • Randomly generated map
  • Really tense atmosphere
  • Mutator system that makes the game difficult as you progress
  • Highscore system

Click Here For Game Page

I really enjoyed your video too! Thanks for your feedback!

Great video! Your commentary really made me laugh

Very funny commentary! Thanks for playing it. I'm glad you had fun!

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Thanks for playing! I should probably fix the bug that killed you at 14:18

Don't know. I don't think so


Interesting game! The idea of a delusional old man beating people up is hilarious :D Challange was a bit low. Every time I start I just find and go straight to the stairs. Goblins is walking at the same speed as me so they couldn't reach me. Attack animation is a bit slow too but that may be intentional. Map generation is pretty good.

Fight with hordes of enemies in procedural maps while mining for resources.


  • Procedural maps
  • Online leaderboard
  • Cool particle fx!
  • Not so cool sound fx! ( But at least there is one)
  • 4 different enemy types
  • 3 different turrets with upgrades


Some screenshots:

It's jam game made in 96 hours for JamDna3

Its so cool! Just started using it. Gonna fill the feedback form after I use it for a while

My current high score

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was bothered with that as well but I didn't had enough time to fix that which is not very hard thing to do I know :D I realized the time problem at the very last hours. There wasn't any incentive for risk. You can just write one action at a time and make a highscore easily. But there is a problem with your approach too. I believe it would be too easy.