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Thank you very much for your detailed answer.
I see your point and I'm really sorry if the reception of the game here on was not up to the expectations.

Personally I felt enchanted since the first seconds I started playing the game a couple of years ago.  Having grown up in the 80s arcade era I simply love the look, the sounds and the atmosphere, and I find the gameplay extremely well calibrated. Maybe the huge choice of weapons and power-ups could feel overwelming at first for the average player (could they have been introduced maybe even more gradually with the progression of the levels??), but in my opinion this richness of possibilities contribute to the great depth of the game. The huge amount of details that you included in the game makes me imagine that you like to carefully take care of every little element but still, in my opinion even a rough inclusion in the steam catalogue would be much better than nothing; the game really deserves to be discovered and played by more people.
It may be that shooters don't sell as much as other game genres, but maybe roguelikes do. 

Thank you for this gem of a game!

I just adore this little jem.

Is there a small chance that a linux version will someday see the light?

And I still have to understand why it was greenlit on steam but never published. It would be great to have it in my steam collection...

Many thanks again for this incredible work