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Satisfying :D

Fun game :) What's stopping me from spamming shield and sword all the time?

I lost at turn 1 :D achievement please? There is missing some depth in my opinion, maybe im missing something, I'm not sure how much impact my choices have.

Looks great :) As other have said a undo button would be nice :P 

Great job

Cool idea :) Would love to see how some thougher levels would look like. This was a little too easy

Brilliant, easily one of the best games from this jam I've played.

Fun and creative! It really made me feel smart when I found the solution to some of these puzzles, kudos!

Some feedback: for me the UI overlaps the level or partly leaves the screen sometimes.

Pretty fun! Great idea with the amount of eyes :D

Sounds great, more terrain manipulating cards wouldve been cool. Thanks for the suggestion!

Lovely aesthetic. Maybe you could've implemented a highscore system, so people can beat their own highscores

Cute little game! One thing I would change is to make the spikes more visible, they almost blend in with the background

Practice makes perfect haha. Thanks for the comment!

Whoops sorry didn't see your reaction. I don't remember, but I googled "Simple online leaderboard Unity3D" or something of the sorts.

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You could take a look at this site, looks like something we're looking for

That is a great idea in my opinion. Maybe you could make the service for people in general (beside just for yourself), so that other people can easily add leaderboards to their game, just an idea :p I think it could be pretty awesome to have an online leaderboard for gamejam games, so in my eyes it is worth it. 

You could probably take some precautions to deal with the grievers.

Thank you! Did you enjoyed it?

We liked the leaderboard to be online, but due to the time constraints it was too big of a task

Thank you!

Awesome! I don't have someone to play here with at the moment but I can image in being pretty fun :)

This was pretty fun to play, really loved how you need to quickly search for the new keys. Although with the font you used it was hard to read some of the keys that i needed to press.

Thank you and glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! Your game is pretty cool as well :D

This is awesome, although I couldnt finish the second level like the other person :

This is great, awesome!

Many thanks!

Haha that was intended! Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! You're right, that would be one of the priorities if we would keep developing the game

Many thanks!

Pretty fun! Although I agree with the other commenter that this is quite RNG heavy which makes it hard to play strategically

I mean it's a relatively short time to create something, so it's really hard to create something that is polished. The potential is definitely there. The most important thing in my eyes is that you had fun and learned while making it :) Keep it up

Thank you!

Okay I think I instantly let the bigger bird die the first time I played it. Because I didn't see him that time haha. Now I played it and it worked fine. Pretty fun!

Many thanks! Glad you had fun :D

Glad you liked it!

So fun. Great job on the art and music as well!

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it!

Looks pretty fun! How do you play the game though? I have no idea how to control the birds :p

Quite fun when you get used to the controls!

This is so fun. Love the voice acting and the animations especially! Great job

Great to hear you had fun playing :) Also good to hear that you think the mechanics of the shooting and bouncing were interesting. The rocket isn't supposed to be slowed down. After a certain time of controlling the rocket the fuel of the rocket runs out and then you won't be able to steer it anymore, the player is then able to destroy the rocket manually. This is done to prevent the player from being stuck in controlling the rocket for too long.

This means a lot, glad you enjoyed the different aspects of the game! Yeah the camera is definitely still an issue, but I'm not sure if being able to destroy your rocket at all times is a fitting solution as timing your rockets is part of the challenge.

Thanks for the feedback!