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ct.gamepad module

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Particle system.


New function for ct.mouse: ct.mouse.insideType
to verify that the mouse is within some type, this can be useful for interface elements.

Good job :D 

Good job :D 

Nice! any plan to implemet multi touch support?

Goodjob! The mini Jam started, and i want use the ctjs to makes some Fun game :D

v 0.3.0 delete graphics don't work

Obs: after importing a new image, the image that should have been deleted is overwritten by the imported image.

v 0.3.0 "delete" instead "confirm" in depth editor.

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v 0.3.0 backgrounds dont work

im tryng to put  a png image in background, but dont work.

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websockets support ( for the 1.0 release maybe)

Support for multi touch screen

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v 0.3.0

Strokes in shadows


I can not delet in any project a room, I tested it on two projects, and after pressing the delete button, the room is still there