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idk is this allowed or not

how it work:

1. complete the challenge by previous player (use screenshot for proof)

2. make a challenge for next player (don't make it impossible please)

<<<do not reply if you did not complete the challenge!>>>

here is the first challenge - collect all red coin in this game to win nothing but complete the challenge

good but sometime is luck based

like this


bullet      laser       bullet

      spike you spike

and you died

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lol there isnt secret end for all red lol, its totally nothing

idk why i can't upload image prob a bug or something

so image is here

the death/time is not correct, idk why progress reset after i leave with 2 coin left, so i used 50% time to get all of them back(its not cheat, just load progress)

edit: reset to 9 red coin left, not reset everything

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lol its my last coin and seem hard

edit: its not hard as i think lol

for the red coin on 5,2

do you really need do this ultimate loop without single mistake?

which have

hit checkpoint on 5,3

high jump to dodge checkpoint on 6,3

triple small jump and small jump climb on 8,3

swim without hit spike on 8,2

do a hard high jump checkpoint dodge on 6,1

hit switch and suicide on 5,2

and finally(you can have mistake now), just simple do a 2 coin difficulty jump in 5,2 reach the coin

if you take a mistake, you are going to loop back(take MORE time because there are no teleport key) and its hard to practice everything

pls tell me im wrong, i can't find a way to climb 5,3(maybe its possible but idk)

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btw could you tell me how do you make good puzzle? do you need to make many fake path to confuse player or what?

edit: what about the coin on 1,1 door? its seems really impossible, is there something im missing? (because small jump climb dont give you that high)

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how do i get coin on 4,4? its seems impossible. any hint pls

edit: oh i see












(this is not spam)

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can you make gap jump possible in next game? please

need more harder level

thank you too, but i play on puzzlescript site version, and only 15 level, can't find level 33 (because i stucked on x to hit screen)

oh thank

Play in browser (14)

“The developer has not uploaded a game yet...”


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但是关造的怎么样不重要,最劝退的就是那两个刺中间的存档和命数机制,一不留神直接重开,I WANNA都不带这么玩的


dude its wrong jam, lol


need choose level

then its my problem

need undo key

1. enemy attack you before your turn

2. you can't heal when you kill enemy

spike and lava don't kill me

need harder level, it was too easy

well, i don't think anything that have rng fit the theme, it need to be dice

i rate creativity 2 star, because i can't rate theme(if i can, i will rate 1 star theme and 4 star creativity)

well, i don't think anything that have rng fit the theme, it need to be dice

i rate creativity 2 star, because i can't rate theme(if i can, i will rate 1 star theme and 4 star creativity)

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well, my screen is not big enough

funny, i will roll a dice for star rate... jk lol

1.if you didnt finish level 1, don't make the button

2.what does the dice do? just a dice looked brick?

no, i don't want crash my computer again

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ik but using item used the item, and i don't want waste them(you know, sometime you have to wait the monster move 1 block so you can attack them)

maybe that is the part of the game, but its looks dumb so idk

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is it idle game?

maybe is my bad, i can't wait and watch some boring fight with very very few upgrade, maybe some random item loot will be good

need a wait move

i dont want full screen

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if you can't make art, don't make them, just use black screen with 2d dice and some white button

it have bug, sometime you can go through the wall

it have bug, sometime you can go through walls

sorry this might be a good game, but it crash my browser and my computer, so i can only give it all 3 star(because i already rated accident and can't undo)

how do i upgrade my dice? after 5 fight and there are still no tactic here

can i set control to q/e to left/right click? my mouse have some problem