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Thanks a bunch, I kinda just made something up at the top of my head but i'm glad you like it!

OK so i uploaded the wrong version of the game so i fixed that.

My email is 

Neat concept with the shield but the levels are not very good.

Good but i think the difficulty ramps up a bit to fast. 

Its good but i think its to hard at the beginning, Its probably just because i suck a games like this.

Cool, but I don't really  know what it has to do with the theme, Its still a fun game though.

also my computer sucks and I would have to shrink all the drawings if they are bigger than 128pixels by 128 pixels

yeah sure but I can't do anything to complicated

Yes i did

I like it but i think you should make levels and make it so there is more polish, oh and a thing that when you touch it restarts the level or sends you back.