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I waited five minutes for a pizza. It never came. 10/10 for realism, 0/10 for making me hungry

This is a great concept! I definitely think the bouncing bullets make the game a little too easy, though, and once you start getting a lot of turrets it really starts to lag. Tons of fun though!

Cool concept, however the demo is so short I barely had time to use the mechanics

Love the concept! I had issues with my avatar disappearing randomly while I was playing which created difficulty that didn't seem intentional by the designer. Solid game design though!

Cool visuals, dashing through the enemies has lots of satisfying feedback, and the music is great.  Gameplay however is a little basic and could use an extra option for the player other than just the jump and dash. Maybe something like scorpion's special ability in Mortal Kombat could work really well with the game..

WHEEEEEE!!!! A surprising amount of fun with the physics