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Glad to hear it. Is the Discord community still active? The link above seems to be invalid.

Glad to hear it's still going. Will the visuals remain the same?

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What's the status of this project? I used to love Deloria back in the day.

What's the status on this project? I used to love playing this game back in the day.

I've followed this game for a while, and the demo delivers on the stealth experience. Exploring, sneaking, and stealing all feel great. Fans of Thief will be especially at home in this game's world. Definitely worth checking out!

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Hey, just picked this pack up on Steam and am loving it so far. My only question is how you pull off masts with climbable ladders. Masts will have to be set to the star in the tileset configuration to allow for characters to walk behind them, but in order to climb the ladder on the mast, the character would need to be above it, not behind it. If you could shed some light on this I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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I absolutely adore this. I've always thought Wendigo-type creatures are terrifying and your writing is sufficiently dread-inducing. The main narrative split is also quite clever. Keep up the great work.

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Love this game so far. Is there any chance you'd be willing to send me the main menu music? I can't get enough of it.

I've been playing more recently, and it's had me wondering. Did you intentionally omit a map or way to look at overall floor layouts? I occasionally get turned around on the later, more complex floors and was thinking it might be helpful to get a bird's eye view.

Finally managed to best that Undead bastard. Had an absolute blast playing.

Just died on Floor 7 with a freshly upgraded Sword of the Leech. So devastated. This game is super fun. Can't wait to dive back in and give it another short. Hats off to the dev.