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Thanks! The energy one is very easy - I did 4 random electricity like strokes and spawn them on surface of sphere with some random rotation and size ;) Probably would look better if those strokes had some different opacity/emmision on edges but that has to do for now

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Some progress on materials and post process and on player character ... but he looks kinda strange. Lol maybe time to learn some proper blender modelling....

and here are live on vid - I will tweak them a little bit 

I love the flame! Never thought that something so simple would look so cool

Looking cool! Definitely gonna try it out

I have possibly started to late ... but I have made base gameplay loop (sorry for the default car ... custom are in progress!).

Still ... many things are missing. First of all models, then combat and then improving AI .... btw. I have added local multiplayer (up to 4 players) and It's preety fun (shame that I had no one to  play while recording). Anyway here is vid and time to lunch blender ... keeping fingers crossed for free weekend! Hopefully I'll have time to finish this since I have many ideas for incorporating theme :D