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Wise Hedgehog

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Wise Hedgehog Team took part in Ludum Dare 42! It's our second time we take part in this jam.

The theme is "Running out of space". Instead of creating another battle royale or a platformer with shrinking space, we create a platformer with... limited space in character's stomach! Meet Stewart, an extraterrestrial snail.

Stewart is not a lucky guy. Not only he was born as a snail far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy, but once upon a time, he woke up in a mysterious dungeon from which, it would seem, there is no way out. However, he found out that he can clear the way by eating colored pills lying here and there. It's a pity that there is so little space in the stomach...

Help Stewart by solving some puzzles!

Thank you so much! We plan to expand this idea and build a proper game out of it. Currently it's just a quick prototype we made in 2 days for Ludum Dare 41. I wonder if you have any wishes for improvement :)