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The music really added to the overall mood of the game. The overall setting and atmosphere of the game is great! The invisible walls at the terrain edge, while breaking the immersion a bit, helped me a lot not getting lost. I managed to find all but two items (needed to stop there because I hadn't had the time to play more).

I loved the light mechanic, you missed an opportunity to add some scary sounds

Had a small bug in the 3rd (?) level where you run and the torches enlight by themself. After I got to the end of the level the moster killed me and the game prompted me to retry but I still got to the next level. Nothing big though. ;)

Pretty high scope for the jam but it has definitly potential.

Mechanics are on spot so far but I got stuck in the "victory message" after the first fight and I couldn't find any more content.

Installation instructions are not shown, you need the XNA Runtime for it