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Just an update, we went ahead and did a full update to all executables.  It shouldn't attempt a connection to Steam and more.  Strange!

Yes, you need to select controller as your Input Type in the Options page to have full support.  It doesn't automatically detect it.

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That's strange.  Which OS are you running?  I'll take a peek!

That's incredibly kind!  Thank you!

Just a heads up that the linux build for Arkhangel is now live!

Absolutely!  There needs to be some work under the hood to have it ready for, but we will 100% be releasing it. 

Hey there!  I would say on average people complete the game anywhere between 4-8 hours... It depends on how much lore you end up reading and that sort of there is a substantial amount!

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Hey all!

Just wanted to let you know that our original point & click adventure game, "Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars" is now available on!  It's been a labor of love that my brother and I have been working on for the last six (!) years.  

Here's the launch trailer:

Here's the link to the page:

Brief summary:

"Michael, Lily, and Gabrielle have recently moved to the frigid town of Haven under tragic circumstances. As they begin to rebuild their lives in this new home and meet the townsfolk of Haven, they quickly discover that not everything is what it appears to be. Michael struggles with dreams of dark waters and an unknown ancient evil resting beneath the cold waves. Are these simply dreams or are they a premonition of things to come?

Inspired by the classic point & click adventure games of yesteryear, Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars is a story told through the eyes of a family that has recently moved to an isolated town in the frozen wilderness. Explore, unearth dark mysteries, solve puzzles, engross yourself with deep lore, and interact with a large cast of characters in this rich and layered narrative."

If you dig getting lost in a world where you read tons of lore with a moody, Lovecraftian atmosphere, and an awesome musical score, then you might dig this!

Hope you check it out!


Winter Night Games