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whales arent fishes XD

I think there should be a gamemode called extreme and there are 2x less spawn rates of items in the ocean and 2 sharks you have to worry about coconuts should also have a chance to fall on your head and do damage

yeh but not the nets

A crafting bench for more advanced items to build idk what advanced items tho Reply and add some advanced items to add into this crafting bench

nah it doesnt need more durability but to be able to see how much health the floor has until you need to repair it would be nice

Hey im up to the point in the game where i have 3 chests filled with metal 4 chests filled with wood enough food to last forever water is easy to get and i have enough thatch to last me decades i think it would be nice to be able to make


the ability to reinforce stuff with scrap and metal (ill tell you an idea for metal later)

Maybe a smelter to smelt scrap into metal and metal into other stuff then you can extend it to whatever you want

Harpoon to hit the shark once then it will go away it will take make the one harpoon shot go away then you will need to make more amunition you can make it as hard as you want to make the harpoon amunition

night time

storms that can damage your structures

damage indicators

damage to your tools

i know not all of these will be added but i love the game i love the idea and i would love to see this on steam and you guys earning money thankyou for all the time and effort youve put into this!