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Hello, thanks for the answer. 

I am just curious that even though I uploaded the file and set the type of file to be executable, seems the state didn't change immediately. 

I know that I don't have playable content so far, but we really want to share our development for everyone to know more about us  before our game released.  

We will upload our game content as soon as possible, hope there is a way for our game to be searched in your website.

(By the way, where can I apply for more space to upload a executable file over 1GB?  The demo is planned to be over 1GB)


Thanks for the reply, that is really helpful.  

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I have waited for almost two weeks and upload a file for download.

Is there any admin could do me a favour or answer specifically?

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Thanks for the reply. 

But I am curious that why HalfLight could be searched?

 When I published HalfLight, I didn't upload an executable file. (I uploaded a video instead)

Then, I could search HalfLight in the search bar immediately.

So seems the mechanism of searching is not based on the executable file. 

I check both publishing setting  of my games, there are no differences. 

(except I didn't set the link of the trailer for Heroine Anthem Zero...maybe this is a problem?)

I also searched and checked other games, their games are searchable and  are published  successfully with only pdf/doc files  instead of an executable file.

If there is any other way to fix this issue, that would be great. Thanks

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Hello, as the title showed, after waiting for a weekend, one of my games still couldn’t be searched by your search bar (by typing keyword, not choose tags). I am not sure whether the reason is that my published game is still in development with devlog updates only so far . So, by taking your advice from received email, I also upload the video as a downloadable file, but the search bar of still doesn’t work. (But I could search another game we published,)

I know that your website has lots of published games, and it is hard for everyone to see one specific game. But still hope you could take some time to look into this issue. I would really appreciate that.