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thank you so much <3

thank you so much 💛 so glad you had fun! thanks for playing :)

thank you for playing :)

oh my gosh thank you so much for your lovely sweet comment <3 i'm so happy you enjoyed!!! thank you for playing :)

hehe i'm glad that came through :) thank you for playing 💛

omg THANK YOU :)!!! what a sweet comment - im so happy u liked it! 💛

thank you so much - i'm so glad you got something from it <3

thank you SO much - i'm so glad to hear that you thought the theme + story i wrote resonated well together :)  <3

thank you so much, i really appreciate it :)

thank you so much for playing :)!

thank you so much :))) i'm so happy you found the pacing good and i am glad u liked the storytelling, too <3

this game feels REALLY good to play - i love the graphics and audio together :) the art style works really well! i did have some trouble with feeling out the jumps, but i still really enjoyed the puzzles <3

thank you so much :) it's simple, which made it not too overwhelming to try and figure out during the jam. i'm so happy you enjoyed!! <3

thank you so much - i had a lot of fun thinking hard about all the sci-fi details :) <3

thank you, i'm so happy you enjoyed the narrative & the game overall!! <3 

thank u so much <3  :)

thank you so much! i have really enjoyed using bitsy these last few months :) <3 i really appreciate it!!

lovely :)

simple and lovely :) i think this would be great to visit on hard days <3

beautiful and has a wonderful feeling when playing it - i think the art is SO gorgeous and i love daisy's design :) the way y'all interpreted the theme is my fave so far in the jam <3

a great interpretation of the theme - i like that the player has to make an active decision to talk to their neighbour. i think i would have liked being able to see the cards a little larger, but this was a lovely glimpse into their story :)

the art is beautiful and i love the idea of having these two friends work together. i like that there was character & story behind these two friends collaborating. <3

i LOVE THIS GAME AHAHAH the art style is so wonderful! it looks and feels super polished and it's very fun, too - i am also super bad at hiding. love the sus meter :)

AHAHAHAA I LOVE THIS GAME <3 it's so fun and i'm glad it's simple!  i am SUPER bad at it :)

the art style and music are sooo charming and soothing :) i can't get enough of the art it looks like a children's storybook <3!

thank you :)!! i'm glad you found it touching <3

aw jeez thank you so much :) i had so much fun thinking about the environment and the politics of memory ... <3 thank u :)

yayyy thank you <3 !! i'm so glad you liked it :)

thank you so much! i'm so happy you found the story intruiging and poignant <3

thank you so much :) i so appreciate it!

this is BEAUTIFUL!!! i loved the pixel art + gamefeel, plus the sounds were a great touch. i haven't played a tower defense game in a while so i had fun, plus the instrument concept was super cool :)

hahaha this concept is silly and fun! i like how all the planets look, but wasn't able to enter planets unfortunately - but the cut scene at the beginning was a very nice touch :)

wonderful to look at and to play! i thought moving the player around felt super satisfying, plus it was really easy to learn the controls.  really nice :)

this game looks really really beautiful - i think u did a great job with all the visual assets :) sometimes had trouble with the movement, but i really enjoyed watching the wisps catch up to the player. im a BIG fan of happiness being the measure that the player is working towards (so wonderful!) the music (it's a pretty old chinese song) + the rice hat was a LITTLE too on the nose for me ahahaha, but i enjoyed it nonetheless :)

yesssssss this was so satisfying to play! tiny wizard... big dreams (beams) <3 the feeling of walking around + beaming was really juicy. 

i love this idea of the best friend power duo - i imagine doing this as a two player game would be really fun too, hahaha :) i did have some trouble with the controls, but that's totally understandable :)

very cool concept... i really liked this twist on the theme! definitely challenging ... could see this in an app store as an arcade style game that everyone is addicted to :)

ahahaha this game totally feels like real life <3 i like the music you picked too! i did have some trouble with the letters being layerd on top of each other, but given the deadline that's totally understandable :) enjoyed!!

thank you so much for playing <3

very sweet :) pixel art was beautiful!!