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I know I've left a review of this game before, but I just...needed to say my thoughts to literally anyone who would listen, so enjoy my nonsense!

Beginning the newest update has certainly been a treat! I remember playing the first update only a few days after it came out, with the art-style being the obvious draw from the get-go, but I'm definitely loving the way the story is going so far! I imagine some of the charm that comes from the foreign lands typically un-represented in Furry VN's (unless I've somehow missed them) is amplified on me, due to being born in the middle of nowhere, USA. 

I think my favorite part of this story so far has to be Griff. Something about this pure white fox (?) wandering back into Riley's life makes it seem almost ghostly. I love my boy Ranzo, but Griff's character design is probably my favorite character design of ANY VN character ever. He just looks so pure, but the black hands make me feel like he's done something in his past that betrays his perfect facade. Or maybe it's just a random character design thing to add flavor. Who knows! I just know I can't wait to see more of this as time goes on. I also like how other characters are getting the special treatment of the faces-next-to-the-text-box (not sure if that has a name). Agnes' is quite beautiful haha

Anyways! I hope anyone reading this without having given the game a shot does so, and I hope that I get to see more as time goes on! Good Luck to Choob!

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Golly, no other VN's have caught me in it's web so quickly. An immediately likeable main character, two unique VN locations out of the gate, and potential horror waiting in the rafters? Definitely some good stuff! This charm is definitely enhanced with the beautiful art style. Only issue I can see is the name itself for now- as searching the title on Itch.IO pulls up a different game first (in my experience), but hopefully this game'll be able to reach the attention of anyone who'd give this VN a chance! 

Title is pretty self-explanatory. How does one actually start the date quests? I know most of them are already out, but I'm not sure how to activate them. 

To be fair, I also did the first bit of the Eastbrook quest and cannot figure out how to continue it or if It isn't finished yet, so I'm just grinding against Crows until I figure it out XP

Figured I'd leave this up for other people with a similar question- I believe I needed to start a new game from 0.3.3 specifically in order for the save file to work. Shoulda realized that was the case, but I was hoping I could be lazy. Whatever :> I have a reason to play the game fully again!

Is there anyway to guarantee the Data Crystal Files shows up? I loaded a save at the stairs right before the Diezel fight, beat him, and then hunted around the game files and couldn't find the Data Crystal file... Is there something I'm missing?

BTW, love the game! Just bought CS2 because I've been super excited, and figuring out a way to carry over my stuff and see this extra scene would be great. Wish i was a bit better at figuring this stuff out myself, but whatever-

Yo! thanks for this guide! Hope this can stay updated- I love getting a 100% playthrough. Super appreciate it!


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Random Question- anyone remember the choice you need to make on Harold's Route so that you purchase the bear for him rather then the other way around? I've been messing around with choosing all the choices and its making me go nuts. Thanks!

Thanks! Just saw the scene for the first time after going back to an old save, and it's super well done! 

If you ever get the chance, I'd love for more opportunities to raise his friendship further into the story so I can see the scene in my main save, as I must've missed them on my first go-around. Players being able to get the scene even if they miss the first handful of opportunities would be super nice. I may be a completionist but I doubt I'll have the patience to regrind 30 levels XD. 

Love this update! burned through all the content really fast, but I've been trying to find the Rohan stuff and I've been unable to find it yet. Is anyone willing to drop some hints about that? (also, information on how to get the Outlaw shirt would be appreciated as well)

Quick Question- Is there any way to gain corruption after you've basically completed everything available currently? 

I'm trying to get the extra scene with the Shroom-berus, but I'm not sure how to get any more corruption.

 gotcha, thanks! b4 I saw that you replied I deleted my responses like a dunce, and I dont believe there's a way to un-delete them. RIP.

Anyways, finished the game, and it's super good! Gonna have to try the slut route now ;)

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.....god damn

Cant agree more! After I finished Jun's route nearly four months ago I had to put down the game for a while. I figured each route would be as viscerally heart-wrenching as Jun's, but Shoichi's mercifully lead to a WIP screen and I've barely started Keisuke. Jun was a route I stumbled into very incidentally, since he was actually my least favorite of the trio in the beginning, but goddamn It was an experience to realize that the traits I dislike in Jun are some of the reasons I dislike myself. 

Dont mean to be too sappy and/or overshare on the internet, but I can't help myself at this point. I have an inordinate amount of feelings about this VN


Ouch. Just......ouch. SPOILERS, obviously, but goddamn such a big twist was unexpected. Gives me a very similar feeling to how Denji felt about Makima at the end of Chainsaw Man; the MC still caring about a person that definitely wronged them because of the care they gave them in their respective story-lines. But I expected it even less in a Furry Virtual Novel of all things, but I could feel something HAD to go wrong when the bus-scene began.

I must be a masochist, because this is definitely a great read. God I hope Axel, Rose, and Ring can treat Cyrus better....And can't help but hope for a scene where Cyrus and You-Know-Who either reconcile or gets his shit beaten out of him. Can't help but feel if the story doesn't give You-Know-Who some comeuppance then It'll feel pretty unsatisfying, but we'll see. I'm leaning towards getting some payback, but that may or may not change. 

ANYWAYS, sorry for the rant, but I had to get my thoughts out somewhere. To the Team- Thanks for an amazing read! I look forwards to seeing more in the Future. 

FINALLY DONE. Christ, going through this game was trippy as all hell, and the noise I made during Jenna's Route when Tulpa-Chase WALKED onto scream was something I will never be able to replicate. 

For anyone reading this, seriously take the warning messages to heart. Going through Carl's bad route completely on accident for my first play-through fucked me up for way longer than I could've anticipated. 

In a way, this VN hit me in the exact opposite way of Adastra. Adastra had me falling in love with Amicus so hard that when the game was over, I felt completely empty and emotionally-drained, while the ending to Echo (specifically Carl's Bad Route Ending, which was my first) left me feeling like I was packed to the brim with emotions and approximately 10 seconds away from vomiting all over my desk. Still, this game was really enjoyable! And I can't thank the team enough for making a really great game.

not sure whether to interpret this as you proposing a suicide pact or something else entirely. The meaning of your words evade me, and I'm not sure if I wish to know or not at this point

I downloaded this VN on a random whim after just finishing Shelter and Far Beyond The World, and wow. Was not expecting such a masterpiece! I know the ramblings of a random internet person don't hold much weight, but I genuinely felt a type of joy I never experienced going through this game (which sounds sad. Dont worry about it). I might've finished this game in a day, but It'll probably stick with me for the rest of my life.

So Thank You!!

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Alright, I finally found it! Spoilers ahead, obviously, but right after Luke's eyes get all watery from cutting the onion, and he gets disarmed (nearly dis-thumbed as well), I found the mysterious figure on the lower left side, parallel with the text box!

Hope everyone finds this helpful, haha

Aah, I've gone through Burry's Afternoon three times now and I just keep missing the Mysterious Figure ;-;

Is there a specific section that I could keep my eye on? With so much dialogue to cover, I assume I'm just skipping over it accidentally without noticing. Anything that happens in the story around that area would be amazing!