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im enjoying it there just not that much to do and i dont really understand how the game decides to make babies for one game i get 12 babys the first year and the other i get 3

and also if i go over a lake or water and go down into it with the camera the camera just goes nuts

there are these walls around the land you play on and then ever i go to the build button the screen moves back and in to a wall where it would get stuck and i can move the camera enymore



i played it for about an hour and then the npcs got to 35 to 40 seconds to make them a weapon and its to quick for me at least

i love this game can you please make some more to it love the ending

can you please do so we dont crash then we exit the mine

can you make small signs you can place around the blacksmith

please make so you can melt hammer heads and all the odders and make chest plates and do so you can take a handle of a head