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It's on sale now. 

Sales schedule is different per platform. We did an itch summer sale recently that ended on July 23, 2021. 

Hey! Yes, it'd be better to hold off for another week or two. 

End to end with credits means the structure is in place, but still design tweaking to do. I want to at least get a bunch of the new changes in. 

How is this doing with the latest version? 

Hey! many thanks for this. I'm just now catching up on forum posts. 

You're right - second hub shouldn't be blue. 

Ok I'll look into this. 

  • Improved localization system. 
  • Now contains localized text for English, French, German, Russian, Hungarian
  • Contains partial text for Dutch, Danish, Norwegian
  • Added flowers after dark cube puzzle solved
  • improved AV object performance
  • Improved audiovisual scenes
  • Better performance overall
  • Portals less finicky
  • Fixed game breaking bug at the start
(1 edit)

- World growing is fixed.

- Level loading is improved

- Bridges are now connecting levels

- World shrinking in mandala room has been smoothed out

- from world_001 there is a path to new puzzles

- Replaced a bunch of hallways between levels to bridges

What do you mean by push a switch with gravity? 

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll update it for the next round. 

When you say World_002, do you mean World_053 or World_041? 

World_002 doesn't have any water. 

World_041 has one blue stream, and world_053 has blue, green, and purple. 

Thanks for these! I'm actually planning on re-doing the cube carrying mechanic so you can carry up to 4 at once. 

Not exactly a  playtesting vocab sheet, but this might help:

Oh damn these are gorgeous!

World_044 has been redesigned.

Added mouse control prompts. 

Cubes on trees are lit if the corresponding cycle cube is placed on a switch. 

Portals and mandala room performance improved. 

I've seen this before as well. We're tweaking player collision code.

I believe this is fixed now. Thanks!

Yeah this is just due to portals being generally buggy. It's on the lower end of priority at the moment since it's mostly more of a nuisance than a game breaker. 

It will definitely be fixed before shipping as it's pretty disruptive visually. 

It has to do with the world growing stuff not being saved I believe. Should be fixed in latest build. 

I think I fixed this in the latest version. I believe it has to do with the world growing stuff not getting saved. 

Thanks for the heads up. Will look into this. 

Did you shrink down into the world by any chance? 

Although, I might want to add a trigger to detect if player is in void and just brute force reset them. 

(1 edit)

Ah... forgot to account for mandala world saving... 

Too late for the latest push. Will have to wait. 

As for the void, that's just due to portal code being buggy. 

However, you feeling this way is definitely symptom of a bigger problem. I'll see what I can do about better progression marker. 

I don't think locking player in the room is the right solution, though. Probably too confusing. 

I'll keep working on this. 

- Fixed game saving / loading issue. After you load a saved game and back track to earlier level, everything should be there. 

- Added mouse prompts. 

- Settings file is updated when new version released. 

- mouse sensitivity fixed

- added steps to base structures in world_002 to make the polyomino puzzle easier to solve

- Better shadow

- Portal and mandala room bug fixed. 

- Loading issue fixed (maybe? Keep testing and let me know). 

- Rain is a little bit denser now (better visuals BUT may cause performance issues)

Yeah I've seen this before. No idea what is going on. I will look into it at some point. 
It's on the lower priority list as it doesn't break the game right now. 

Yeah.... I don't have a good solution for this problem at the moment. 

Which level were you trying to pick up from? 

When you enter dark world now, it rains!

Ah yes. This is part of a bigger problem with the portals. 

Thanks for this! Will look into it. 

(1 edit)

- World growing visual fixed. 

- World_002 is actually beatable now

  • Overall pacing improved. 
  • World_044 layout fixed. 
  • World_002 puzzle sequence improved. Fewer puzzles. More streamlined. Dark world puzzle there solvable now.
  • Added world growing mechanic for mainstream game. However, visuals are broken. 
  • UI improvements overall. 
  • Better level loading. 
  • World_062 level design improved. 

Actually, I do have a follow up question. If I want to keep a few people's keys, is there a way to do that?  Or would I need to re-send out keys again?

Some testers have been really active and helpful, and I'd love to keep them on the roster. Currently I'm just going through the forums writing down names, but it's quite tedious as often the display name is different from the actual username. 

Thanks for all the info! I will send you a confirmation in a few days after sorting out a few things. 


I've been having problems with builds of my game getting leaked onto torrent sites. 

I signed up up a group of 200 last year and did a bulk key generation. Since itch is the only place I've been uploading the game, I'm guessing the source of the leak is from the site. 

Is it possible to revoke all keys? I'd like just start fresh this time, and vet everyone that I add to testing. 

Is it also possible to have the game be linked to an account in order to run? 



It should work. I'll look into fixing it this weekend. 

I don't think I added a way to delete the screenshot...

I wonder if it's a firewall thing preventing the image from getting attached and sent to trello. 

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and reports. 

I've added the fast travel system to all the areas in the game. Once you've unlocked the fast travel room, you can shrink down to any places you've been to in the past.