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Update: You can pre-order the new print now! Shipping summer 2024 :) 

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I signed my wife up for this secretly a few Christmasses ago and it was a huge hit that has become a legend in our household. Highly recommended. Now she expects me to do something similar each year, but I haven't been able to find anything quite this immersive.

If you ever make another one of these, William, I will be your first customer!

Hi! Yes, there are a couple made by the community! Links in the #resources channel of the discord!

Yep! We just got the pre-launch page up! Go to and you can get on the email list. 

They're all sold out, but we're doing a second printing later this summer. Stay tuned!

Glad it worked! And thanks! Helpful data.

Ah that's no good! K, similar things have happened to a couple people using certain pdf readers. Check if your reader needs an update, or check it in another reader/browser and let me know! I'm trying to figure out why this happens. PDF's are weird. 

But I'm so glad you're enjoying it! That makes me really happy. 

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Great idea! Community copies added. I'll also do a sale while I'm at it. 

That makes me so happy!

There will! Mythworks is doing a big second printing pre-sale this summer, so stay tuned!

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Hi Simon! Thanks for checking in! I'll check the manifest and email ya!

And thank you!! So happy you're enjoying it. 

No changes to the book anticipated, but there is likely some new content coming in other forms!

Still in the works, but will definitely be available to all. 

Thanks Phill! Will reach out!

Hi! Yeah shipping times from me to you are 4-12 weeks. *sob* 

Email me ( with your full name and I'll check to make sure yours was shipped!

This LAYOUT. Just incredible. 

It's not specifically designed for solo play, although there are some members of the community working on solo modules!

"The Holophone: This instrument is not real. This instrument is merely a holograph of an instrument. This instrument changes shape, appearance and sound as you play. This instrument is impossible to play. However, you can play it."

Absolutely brilliant, just like the rest. This game rules. 


Don't make me cry via an itch review, please. 

Great question! Sorry for the late reply! Yes, I wanted to save myself a little space for if/when I return to polish this little game up, in case playtesters had feedback that required some changes or additions!

It just pokes me right in whatever part of my brain first made me excited about gaming. Wondrous, fun, warm, and absolutely gorgeous. 

I absolutely love this. Thanks Beau. 

CrashCart is the best game premise I've heard in 2 years.