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Awesome demo, can't wait to see where this game will go!! Here's some thoughts to make the game more seamless:
* When climbing ledges change the climb up and drop from "w" and "s" to jump (Space) and crouch (Ctrl) - usually you will already be pressing w when you are trying to get on a ledge, having to reinput w to climb feels weird.
* Being able to cancel Twerk with any button - this will allow for faster paced movement/interaction

Sure thing, it'll come along with the next update

Thank you so much, sure thing

Thank you so much, glad you got it sorted out

Hi slashandz, the outline and dropshadow in the image are just for visualization purposes.
I'm sorry if it may have felt misleading.
I have updated the page to make it more clear.

Are you using the recommended 100%  Screen Scaling and 200% UI Elements Scaling?

Really neat game, only managed to die to [REDACTED] and to the overload of branches. The sprites are very well made, congrats to the whole team. \[T]/

Very cute fishing game, <3

Short, sweet and charming game. <3


It would be fun if you could choose other palettes instead of black,white and red. Something like how Downwell did it.

Pretty Neat!!

Hey there, the border was made by Tommo#7032 (discord id), he posted it on Pia Carrot's Romhack Server (Pokemon Orange).

Im leaving the discord server invite here so you can find it, search for image and BGB and you will easily find it.

Pokemon Orange -