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thanks for playing the game and the suggestions! Always looking to improve 👌

Thanks for playing game anyways man, appreciate the feedback!

thanks for pointing that out! Yeah the title was last minute so the "meta" in it was accidental. But ye, I'll try reuploading again, thanks :D

I liked it! Although it was rather basic in models,  the gameplay was rather unique and could see where you where going with it. Great job man :D

Really neat game. I liked the visuals and the mechanics of the game with the satisfying ending of stealing a $100000 jewel. However, I noticed that if I kept walking, it would be hard for the guards to catch(intentional?). Whatever the case, great game man! :D

I love the visuals of this game, they really give the Kawaii vibe of this short arcade game. The experience of the round transitions though are a bit scary however as some ants spawn relatively close when I'm running(lmao). Either way, great job!

This game is awesome! I love the puzzles that you go through as I feel they where really fleshed out in execution. Additionally, the controls are weird at first, but I got use to it over time. Great job man!