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Very strange but very charming, I enjoyed playing it and the little white rabbit Gogi was a welcome addition to my adventure. I've always loved stuff having to do with dreams, brains can make such odd scenarios and landscapes so it's really interesting to know what other people dream of. I'm glad you included your own commentary and I just wanted to let you know I liked the game very much. Only complaint of course is the lack of a save system but regardless I was quite charmed.

What inspired you to create such genius?

one of the best games ever created. never been so moved, truly glad i found this gam

Quite interesting, I'd honestly like to see more of the story and how it progresses. Was only disappointed at the ending because I was just getting really into it. The walking only game play is a bit boring and I often couldn't find my character when turning corners, but otherwise I still liked it. Would love to know if you work on things like this or specifically this story more.


Hi, I like the concept of what you're doing but I hope you're okay with some criticism. 

1. Motion blur is too strong, when moving my character around I felt rather disoriented, if this was what you were going for that's great however it is quite difficult to move with and ended up hurting my eyes.

2. Character is abnormally tall, this is more a personal critique but I found it kind of confusing that the character matched up perfectly with all the door frames. With the hand being so small as well it all just felt weirdly proportioned. Also I assume the tv was important but it was hard to tell because I towered over it, possibly consider adding a crouch button as well?

3. Bathroom lighting is far too saturated and shiny, I couldn't bring myself to stay in that location as I found it to be a pain on the eyes. With the motion blur on top of it it was just not good to look at.

4. Again probably another personal critic but perhaps give small prompts to help guide the player in the right direction? I did not find the flashlight at first so I walked around the dark for a bit rather confused, when I found it it helped greatly but it would've been nice to have been informed of it's location.

Other than that I enjoyed the demo, if you make any full horror works I'll have to keep an eye out.

This hit every right note with me, my only complaint is that it's too short! I love mangas that explore the villainesses life in otome games as well as give them sympathy so you could imagine my joy when I found this! In the short time that I knew Beatrix I already found love and adoration for her. Her design is incredibly appealing and her character is wonderful, she looks like a villainess yet also retains this sense of misunderstood softness. Lily felt like a total  projection of myself in that scenario lol! I can't express how much I enjoyed this, fantastic work and such a wonderful find!