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Quite interesting, I'd honestly like to see more of the story and how it progresses. Was only disappointed at the ending because I was just getting really into it. The walking only game play is a bit boring and I often couldn't find my character when turning corners, but otherwise I still liked it. Would love to know if you work on things like this or specifically this story more.

Thank you for playing! We did have puzzle elements planned but as a two person team and this being my first game we legit ran out of time for the jam! Ideally I wanted a combat system and a bigger story but for something like this it had to be cut down significantly.

I'm actually trying to work on a visual novel in the meantime (a passion project, actually) but school is temporarily in the way. I want to make a full Paranormalscape game down the road tho! I'm even working on style tests for new and improved models (this was my first time doing game models actually).