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Wigner Matos

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Thank you so much for the feedback !

I really love the art style and concept. It's a very challenging game, I didn't get very far haha.

Congratulations on the great work. I loved this idea of splitting and joining in order to advance through the stage. I also really liked the art and animations.

I love this concept. Congratulations for the good work, it is amazing. 

Amazing concept ! The art, sound effects, music everything are perfect.

Thank you so much ! I'm really glad you liked it.

Thank you very much ! I'm really glad you liked it. Unfortunately it ended up being pretty incomplete, the second phase with enemies and new mechanics was ready, but I couldn't implement it in time, but it's part of it.

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 Thank you very much for the feedback! Sorry for the problems during your gameplay :/. I really have to fix a lot of things in it, it’s still a very bad game and have a lot of design problems that needs improvement. 

 Regarding the box, you get an upgrade in another area that allows you to drag it. So, the text saying "It's so heavy", but from what I saw it was not clear to the players. Sorry about that too, I hope you can have a little fun and sorry for my bad english too.

Congratulations for the good work ! I really the puzzles and the concept.

Thank you so much for playing ! I'm very happy that you liked it. 

Really? Good to know, that control support is working well ^_^.

Congratulations on the job, you did a very good job ! The game is very faithful to the original game concept.

I really love the pixel art ! Great game, congratulations !

Good game, I really liked everything I saw ! I would just like to warn you, that in some moments I ended up being stuck in the walls, but it was nothing that compromised the experience.

Really ? Congratulations, this is a really good achievement. Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback ! By the way, your game was so  great !

I really like the concept. Congratulation for the work !

the game is very challenging, but I loved it ! The art style is really cool, too. 

Great job ! The game is very polished, I really love the art, animations and sound effects. The movement and physics are very nice too.

I'm glad you liked it ! 

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback. And really, the game is a little too difficult, it needs some difficulty adjustments. Thanks a lot !

The game is sensational, both the art, as the music, sound effects, gameplay and several other aspects. I really liked all the details (being able to "turn on" the console is an amazing idea). The game is perfect !

Congratulations, for the incredible work !

Thank you for playing ! I'm glad you liked it.

Amazing game !