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Nice and simple background that goes wall with the planets

thanks Kenney for clarifying!

I'd like to get clarification. Are you saying that because we use your public domain block, the resulting shape will also have to be public domain?

 That is definitely not the definition of public domain.  It is not because a red and blue pixel are in public domain, that the combination of both in a certain shape is. 

You should (and I am not even sure you could do otherwise legally) accept creations to have their own license, including the possibility that the creation cannot be used by someone else without permission.

Hey, these road looks cool, any plan to make curve parts to have a full race track ?

In the end I created a specific parser that generate vertex color by taking them from the mtl file.

So the obj/mtl pair contains all the info I need in the end.

Still not sure why there is texture coordinate though in the generated obj file even if no texture are present?

I still leave this feature request open as it would be easier to have a template/json format/scripting option for exporting


I just tried AssetForge for the first time. This is really cool how fast it is to generate new asset. 

I now want to integrate the export in my engine.

The current export format is unfortunately limited.

I am using the "obj" format for its simplicity but since obj does not support color values for vertex, assetforge create a material for each changes.

This is not efficient for textureless games. It would be a lot better if the export was using color vertex. This way the items could be drawn efficiently in the game engine. There are some other simpler export format that support such like PLY.

Also the "obj" export contains texture coordinates even though the item do not contains textures. This is not necessary, the obj spec do not require texture coordinates to be present.

Since AssetForge is not open source (any plan to give source to buyers by the way so we can improve it?) the only option I have is to wait a another format is supported (simple like obj but supporting vertex colors) or implement a fbx parser for my engine (But does the fbx export use vertex colors or does it use also a material for each change of colors?)

It would be great if, similar to TexturePacker (if you have experience with it) AssetForge would read a template file and pass information to it so we can generate our own export format simply by creating a template file.

Unfortunately this only works for text format. 

Another option would be to add scripting to AssetForge. While this seems a daunting task, this feature could be restricted to export at the beginning.

Actually, I could well parse the obj file and generate a new format.

This brings to the last option that is probably the easiest to implement : create a json export format that output all the mesh information so we can generate our own format from it. The key is that json format would contain all info there is in an easily parseable format.

Does it include attack, hit and death animation for the characters? If not , is it planned to add it at a later time?