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Thanks! I really loved working in DOS, you had to be creative because of the limitations.

Sometimes it is a bit frustrating to find the exact object you are looking for in the list at the left, especially when there are a lot of similar objects with small differences.

It would be nice if the last object you selected remains highlighted in the list in some way. If you chose the wrong one, you at least know which one that was.

But the thing that would help most would be keys that let you select a different object from the list, while editing (for example Ctrl+Arrows or just < and > for previous and next). So when you see what the object looks like in your scene, you can try out different objects without moving the mouse (new object takes the same position and rotation).

Once you placed the object (without Shift), the highlighting could disappear (or remain*). However, if you would press one of those keys in that state, the last selected object would be highlighted again and that object would be selected and ready to place again (as if you went over to the left with the mouse, selected the same object and came back again).

* then also highlight objects when you select them from your scene.

I'm planning to do that sometime (shouldn't be too hard since the game was written in Haxe), but I don't have a working Linux installation at the moment.