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Really enjoyed you're game, one of my favourites on this website :)

Really nice horror game, the graphics are amazing

Very nicely done I didn't know what to expect but I enjoyed you're game :)

Very enjoyable demo I really liked walking around SM64 in first person view. Great job :)

I really enjoyed you're game :)

This game looks great with a very interesting story, I hope to see more soon :)

Once I figured out how to bounce this game was so fun it reminds me of when you have a dream that you're falling and wake up just before you hit the ground lol, I would love to play it in VR. 

I'm sure I've had nightmares about been stuck in toilet rooms before, Very nice game I enjoyed the goose and talking toilet.

The graphics and voice acting made this an excellent experience , This is one of my favourite games on this website.
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I love the graphics and the music excellent work I'm looking forward to the finished game.

Impressive graphics and story I will definitely check out more of you're games, excellent work.

Jump scares out of nowhere when he gets you he really gets you lol, fun game I like the idea.

Amazing graphics and a very nice short horror game experience, Excellent job I hope to see more.

Impressive graphics and a few nice jump scares, I found the movement was quite slow but apart from that a good experience.

Fantastic short horror game, the atmosphere and music really puts it all together nicely I just wish it was longer.

I enjoyed this short horror game finished it on my 2nd go, I've watched a lot of my friends play it and I kind of knew what to expect. Its a good idea and pulled off really well for a game that was made under 48 hours.