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Maybe just the browser version, but the yellow dot immediately moved to the top left of the screen and no controls would allow it to move away.

Solid concept and good exploration of themes

Cool concept, nice level design. Moving a block to move another block felt unintuitive, maybe a better way to visually represent that the man can't interact with the block you are holding but other blocks can.

This was really hard, but a really cool concept. 

Cool concept, well executed. I think it might have worked better if the apple had a chance to spawn just to the right or left of your head so you were left wondering whether to turn or not each time.

Made me laugh!

Clever! I think this would work really well on a touchpad where you press where you want to pivot, and have some external button to decide clockwise or counterclockwise.

Was a very interesting idea, and I liked the low-key intro sequence. I was unable to progress though as I kept getting stuck, and it seemed like the "W" key was doing a weird thing I didn't understand.

I liked the moments where I saw where it was going and could just type away. I wish those were longer!