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Cute and fun, it was the perfect intro to the Playdate for some friends and family!

I love this idea and the execution is great! Fabulous job with the design, it looks so real

Holy wow the presentation on this is fantastic, great job with the design and photos!

And yet Yankee Candle gets you every time...

I just started playing and already I'm completely in love. Charming, relaxing, a touch addictive, super well crafted. Glad I could buy it on Itch so more money goes to the crew!

I absolutely adored every second I spent in this! The feeling of transforming the space was so encouraging, immersive, and thoughtful, and I am always happy to support a game with overt political messages (that I also super agree with). This is the kind of game I hope some day to make, hopefully even somewhere as great as this is. Cannot recommend it more highly, one of my favorite things I've played this year.

I am glad

It's SO buggy haha Thank you so much for playing! 

Great job!! Really charming and well executed, I love that you included your artist's statement on the page, that's rare and it's nice to read more about your process and intentions! :)

Thank you for the kind words and for making a video! We're glad you agreed with our cyberpunk humor, bad puns and all. 

Thank you so much for playing and making a video, and for your kind words! We focused most of the Global Game Jam weekend on making the environment something cool and trippy to be in, and we'd love to expand on it! If we do we'll make sure to let you know :)

Thank you so much for playing and making a video! The jetpacking is pretty hard at the moment, it's got a high "jank" factor. We forgot to tell people that you can hold Left Shift to sprint, which will let you go farther!

Hey y'all! I spent some time cleaning up my group's Global Game Jam entry and just posted it to Itch!


is a first-person platformer about jetpacking around a cyberpunk city, hacking into and breaking mega-corporate advertisements. It was made for Global Game Jam 2018 with the theme of "Transmission".

Thank you for the interest! We really wish we could export to Linux, but sadly the controller plugin we're using isn't supported, so it would require substantial re-writing of the game :(

thx bruh.

Hi! We're currently testing a Linux build, hopefully well have it ready soon!

Thank you so much, we're so glad you enjoyed! :D

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This is so much FUN! Really well made, the AI is really impressive, and it's so goofy and fun! Excellent job!! I did a wee write-up on my blog where I curate fantastic little games like this :3

I loved this! Really impressive for a Ludum Dare entry, with a great premise and a lot of polish! I wrote my full thoughts out on my curation blog, Quick Bites. Cheers!

Fantastic presentation, great, simple game with style! Here from Rock, Paper, Shotgun :D

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Definitely make sure you unzip them first, and that you downloaded the right version for your OS!

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Thanks for playing! We completely agree with you, and we learned a ton from this game, so hopefully the next one we'll stick the landings!