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This game reminded me of tiberiun sun. Good stuff!

Always appreciate a turn based game and really liked what you did here . It was nice to see that in your documentation you kept the "problems faced" section separate from the technical decisions part. It would be nice to have a numerical value of moves we have left on the screen (I think its a must), because creates confusion whether player has a move left or not.Although red tiles do indicate that no more moves are left . The hit colliders on the zombies are too small , nearly at the feet.

Cool game , I enjoyed playing it . <3

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Very good documentation and report , each and every thing is explained  and give a clear concise view of what the game would be like without playing . From stats and exp to  damage dealt and how the shield works etc. Cute little dungeon crawler.I double checked but maybe its on my pc but the double click to run does not trigger most of the time.Single click on some tiles also does not work.

Things I would like but not necessary a boss fight at the end ,of a large turtleshell enemy. After all dungeon bosses give the best loot ;).

Overall good stuff . Thumbs up for sure.