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Very good documentation and report , each and every thing is explained  and give a clear concise view of what the game would be like without playing . From stats and exp to  damage dealt and how the shield works etc. Cute little dungeon crawler.I double checked but maybe its on my pc but the double click to run does not trigger most of the time.Single click on some tiles also does not work.

Things I would like but not necessary a boss fight at the end ,of a large turtleshell enemy. After all dungeon bosses give the best loot ;).

Overall good stuff . Thumbs up for sure.


Thank you for checking out the game and for your feedback! I'm glad to hear that you found the game and the documentation good. ♥

Now that you mention it, running has been a little wonky, and I have an idea why. I had put in some limiters to make the game register click inputs less frequently (otherwise it could look for paths every frame while the mouse is being held), but that also meant the double clicks wouldn't register if you double clicked too fast. I'm quite sure I had done something to prevent that, but it must have gotten lost in the later changes. 8);
It was an easy fix, so I updated the download! It should be much easier to move around now. I also made it so that clicking on an inaccessible tile makes you move near it rather than doing nothing, which might help too.

And I agree, boss fights would make a good addition! I was a little too ambitious in my plans for the boss fights so they ended up being pushed far down my priority list, but I might give it a go at some point!

Thank you again!