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It's alright, i can wait.

One last question: i torrented my version of sims 4. Does having a torrented version have any effect on the mod?

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Note: BLACK, bonzibod and vivecbod all are corrupt files, i'll take them out of the picture for this instance

1) In the first screenshot, the only custom items i have are the ones from the drug mod, there is nothing from the meme house mod

In the second screenshot, i typed "(kmod)" like Joel did, and i only found the Todd Howard wallpaper

2) i used winrar

3) i deleted the cache, and reinstalled my mod, but after i restarted the computer, the cache was back in the file for some reason. I deleted it again before restarting, but it still didn't show the mod items

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Here's the whole thing

almost all of the new mod store items aren't showing up for me. I don't have my mods in sub folders, but the only modded thing that is showing up in the store is the Todd Howard wallpaper. I just downloaded the game, so sorry if i made some mistake.