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please update this love this mod

Then idk it works for me did you go to the top where it shows you bought it and dowload it?

The best friend code won't work.

Is there anyway to get back all my saves?

who is in the criminal harem?

Don't think so

Can you make one for Mac?

I did it with a different email the first time but I put what email I use for this account 

when you go to the download you should see something that says claim steam key or whatever when you scroll down

Can you make a Mac version?

It’s fine as long as they get my email and I can get my refund.

I sent one oct 7th then and it did tell me they received it but no response back. Then I sent another one oct 12th no response but I did get the email that they received it.

I sent two emails yet no one has responded to them. I want a refund for one of the games I bought so can someone tell me another way to get in contact with them?

What if I just want HIM?

Can you make a Mac version?

You bought the 45 one?

Did you buy the game?

But I need more pleaseee if you could consider adding more content for the boys I would love that. I love the girls and everything but I wanna be able to do things with the boys to🥺

Why....Why can't I be with boys to😭

Where are cheats or do you have to do something to get them?

I really wanna buy this now since its on discount but you only do PayPal and there's no discount on steam😭

Will there be future updates with more girls or just one girl?

Mac version pleaseee

I bought it for 4 dollars because I thought it was the full version of the game. If it is how do I get to the next level so it will let me have a 4th kin? If it isn't I want a refund and I wanna know where to get the full version. (My bad for buying it without checking)

Is the Mac Demo not out yet?

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Do you do discounts? Also what's the difference between $30 and $45?

Are there discounts?

Your awesome, I love you, Marry me please!

Can you make a Mac version?

Will there be a discount?

Can you make a Mac version please!

Please make a Mac version!

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I keep seeing hair and clothes next to the characters instead of on them and sometimes even when they have hair there's hair next to them

Im on Mac and it keeps saying that the creator cant be verified what do I do?