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Pressing P automatically clears the level you are currently playing in.

When I pressed P in campaign levels, dialogue that usually happens upon victory occurred followed by the results/rating screen. The sector would then be counted as cleared and the game let me progress.

In infinite mode, the game asked me for my name as if I was starting a new campaign save. I was able to type whatever in the box asking for my name, and upon hitting either Esc or Enter the game said I've successfully built an extractor for the level and therefore count it as a clear and move me to the next level.

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In campaign, when I replay the tutorial via going to the training facility and then exit out of it the refinery that I control on the level select hub spawns on top of the door to the training facility. I can't move using the arrow keys as the refinery is stuck inside the door and using the mouse to click anywhere on the hub will automatically send me into Sector 7. Retreating from that level sends me back to the level select with the refinery still stuck in the same position. Once the refinery gets stuck like this it stays on that same spot even after closing and relaunching the game.

After erasing save data, replaying the tutorial doesn't seem to get me stuck anymore. However, the game keeps asking me to enter a name whenever I replay and leave the tutorial. Also, I am only able to leave the tutorial by completing it as the retreat option doesn't seem to work in the tutorial unless this is intended.