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I know it would be asking a lot, but severely feel that the Ipad needs this tool. It has some but they charge a lot for each major version. I wouldn't mind supporting you if it is priced fairly and supports the pencil even if it's rudimentary. Thanks for all your efforts.

Hey! Google has removed the listing since I need to create a new build and remove some deprecated code. Haven't been able to get to it yet but I'll get it back up soon.  

You can get in touch with me at

You are absolutely amazing!!! Thanks a ton.

These are awesome! Thanks a lot. Any chance you will bring the pixel top-down assets here as well? 


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This is amazing. I was looking for a Wario type game for ages and this is just perfect! The controls, the animation, the style and how it fits the frantic gameplay is just great!!! Looking forward for the complete game! 

Edit: The soundtracks!! Just amazing!

It happened a few months ago when I was entering my office building. I saw the guard playing ludo. 2 players and a few watchers. Ludo in its current digital form has been gaining a lot of casual players. Why not, it’s been a household staple for as long as I remember. Even though it’s a simplified and anglicised version of India’s own Parcheesi, it is more well known and played. I have seen it being played in metros sometimes alone.

As a UX guy, the thought occurred to me. Can they even see the board? As a player, I thought it must be so hard for 2 players to play on a 4x board game. As a board game enthusiast, I thought can it be modernised and remade for 2 players. So that is what I did. Cut it in half and viola, TwoDo was born. The first play-through on a rough sheet of paper, I quickly found out that the gameplay was a bit short. I really wanted to make a card game so I thought why not just go crazy with this and so the cards were introduced.

It's still in it still a work in progress and there are a lot of things I need I need to add. The sound effects can work can you some work. I am currently thinking of a story to go around that and maybe new board layout designs that can work on it. There is the world's first game called the royal game of Ur which can be very easily ported to the engine maybe that's something that I could do in the future

So why don't you just go and try the game out? It's free and available on Play Store and I love to hear your feedback.