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Hey, seeing your comment, I am just here to say to not worry about a delay and don't forget to leave some time for yourself.

Take care.

Came from Steam, just wanted to comment here and say good job, maybe copy and paste this in the Steam page too.

Neat little thing,

Hey, so I see I'm the only one commenting here, just here to see of what you have in a sort of showcase of your small works and photos.

Nice short game.

Out of the shapeshifting priest and the Fog, I'm more curious about the main character you play as.

The priest did say you came from the Fog, something about that raises questions.


I still don't understand these numbers, Mason.

Maybe not in this game, but I wouldn't try.

This is an interesting work of yours, James.
Anyways, I wish to give my regards to you in Ireland, and give my thoughts on this.

Of course, as you realized, we all have a sort of river of thoughts when it comes to our lives, whether it'd be an expectation, an idea, faith and belief of something, a sense of willingness, a question...
You've had these thoughts and many others, and this work of yours should be shared to make light of the complexity in our inside conflict.

I think I might be too into this, but, after all these random words, I like this, this sharing of what you had in mind when you were planning on making something.
You did made something, and it was more than enough to get people to think of themselves.

I guess this is what you wanted to convey to others?
Basically, it's a nice experience, that's what I wanted to say.

Excuse me, what?

To be honest, I think I should've known something was wrong with her from the beginning.

Chief, I think you just gave me nightmares.
However, I admire this work of yours, it's certainly different from the other visual novel I played that is made by you, and it certainly worked.

People would say that it's not refined, but I can tell you right now, it scared the fucking shit out of me.
Can't wait to see what else you have planned for this.

Sir, this could be a plot for a short story of any kind.

It could be longer, like 30 minutes or so, maybe a movie or an animation.

Too bad I don't have the resources to do anything ambitious like this, but this is an ideal horror story.

You have to tell me the song at the end, chief, I must save it in my playlist.