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Hello Jesuso. Unfortunately, for now, it does not work properly on Win 8. However, if it does not work at all, send me an email at: so I can try to help you out. Thanks! 

It's the same version.

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Order from Caos 2 is a pixel art turn-based RPG created and developed by Renan Barreto from the White Vortex studio, and tells the story of Thomas, a man who lost his family, murdered by a mysterious and cruel Knight of the Bratania Empire, known by the name of Asmodeus. Thomas embarks on a journey of revenge, vowing to destroy his most merciless enemy. However, there is one detail that could change everything, his family might’ve simply never existed at all. Haunted by both possible realities, Thomas needs to figure out what is behind all this tragedy to define his future that intertwines with the future of all humanity, even if it is about him going to Hell.

The journey of Order from Caos 2 is unique and has more than 20 hours of gameplay, dozens of sidequests, items, special moves, and many puzzles to solve. Enemies walk across the maps and there are no random encounters. The players will walk through forests, cities, beaches, islands, temples, secret dungeons, hidden cities and will fight powerful creatures. The players will have a lot to do in the game if they don’t want to just follow the main story.

Order from Caos 2 has no connection to the events or characters shown in the first game in the series.

The Light of Dimensions

To be able to upgrade weapons and evolve the status of team members, the players will need to find Lumeni Points, luminous spheres scattered around the world but in another dimension. It is possible to find Lumeni Points in many areas of the game.

Battle Tactics

There are six playable characters in the game's main party. Each has unique qualities and it's up to the players to position them correctly in the battle to get the best out of them. But beware. Some enemies can change the team's position mid-battle.


Each character has their own Skill Map. Each locked block can be opened in exchange for Lumeni Points. It is up to the players to manage how to boost their characters. It can be about adding a new skill or opening the way to increase some stats of the hero in question.

The party

Thomas: the protagonist of the story seeks revenge for the death of his family.

Miguel: Thomas' amusing friend has magical powers and tells a joke or two every now and then. He has the power to summon creatures in battle.

Daena: a strong woman who is tired of having to prove something to the people of her town.

Alicia: a sweet girl who wants to put an end to the atrocities committed by the Empire of Bratania, which oppresses her small town by poisoning the water.

Sigmund: a man whose broken heart may never return to its original form. A strong warrior with medicinal knowledge.

Rob: a mighty warrior with a strong sense of justice, but a troubled past.

Together, they will fight ghosts from the past, armies of enemy Empires, beings from other dimensions, and even their own personal beliefs.

Order from Caos 2 will be released soon on Steam for Windows PC and will have controller and keyboard support. In addition, it will be released in Brazilian Portuguese and English. The Demo version is already available on Steam: 


About White Vortex

The studio was founded in 2018 by the game indie developer Renan Barreto from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. He created the projects Order from Caos (2020), Hidden Shelter (2021), and especially in 2022 released Metahouse, a new way of selling houses and other properties. It focuses on recreating the house in 3D as a video game so the clients can feel like they are inside their new home. It is the next step in the Real Estate market and companies in Brazil are starting to use it as part of their meetings with new clients. 


For more information on Order from Caos 2 check our site - 



Game Trailer:


Thank you for the kind comment and for posting the video, Z9.

Thank you, Zakaria. I feel humble by your video. I hope you enjoy the game when it is released.

Great tool.

Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it. 

Hidden Shelter is a first-person horror game, focused on exploration, developed by the White Vortex studio. It is under development on the Unreal Engine for Windows PC. Explore the area in search of clues and escape from a bloodthirsty being who wants to kill all those who approach the place.

The game's story is about three friends who after a sudden white flash on the road got into an accident. Their car crashed. After waking up, Charles and Bernard lose sight of Diego. Diego is Bernard's older brother and friend of Charles who drove the car. Desperate with the strange noise in the woods, Charles decides to go out for help, even though he doesn't believe that Diego was still alive. Bernard, on the other hand, does not want to leave his brother behind and believes that he managed to escape. The two leave for a mansion in the forest in search of their lost friend and at the same time need to stay alive by running away from a sinister creature that inhabits the place.

Something unusual happened in that house that resonates around the place as a kind of eternal curse. Bad things happened there. Love has always been blamed for everything.

It is up to the player to put the pieces of this dark puzzle together and find out what is the thread that unites the accident, the strange creature, murders and the history of the house itself.


Thank you.

Order from Caos is an epic tale of a man who got his life changed by an evil entity whose sole purpose is to destroy everything humankind has ever built. Dan, the main protagonist, feels as if he was cursed by this being and tries to find a way to bring him down. He will travel alongside a few companions, all with similar stories of loss like his. He never thought actually of having a group or even a family, but he will find something greater than vengeance to fight for: love. In the meantime, while trying to gather the support of every nation of this world, Dan must protect those he love and also himself, not knowing that perhaps this evil instinct may be within... Follow the path of an ordinary man who can overcome extraordinary things.

Order from Caos is strongly inspired by the true JRPG classics.

+30 hours to finish the whole game with 100% completion.

+50 quests between the main ones and sidequests

+200 NPCs to interact

+200 items (weapons, armors and items)

+100 skills

+100 enemies

+10 locations

So, fight your way into discovering what it means to live with the curse of CAOS.