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Which update, the Linux one?  Unfortunately, Steam's particularities don't like our Linux build.  You're basically looking here only for Linux.  If you shoot me an email, I can send you an itch key :)

Sorry about that.  We will have a stable linux update out soon! (Before Xmas).  

That 1.1 Patch should be out and ready on all platforms but Linux - I'll push that before end of week!

Any time <3

Oop!  Might be a bug.  We're working on version 1.1 for August 1 as we speak :)
Sorry about that.

In the meantime, you can use code IDDQD at the main menu to skip to whatever level you like! 

Appreciate the support!

Of course!  Thanks for your interest <3

Hey there!  Beans goes on sale on July 1st!  Thanks so much for your support. 

I'm so happy you're all so happy with it! <3 

Hi Violette~!  This game launches on July 1, 2017!

Thanks for your interest!

We are all about this at coffeebeansgame. We just recently got greenlit on Steam and totally agree that the current early access model doesn't work at all. Looking forward to using this as our first release platform for our beta through dev.