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we live in one of those

it would be cool if you could use this in the web, but i played it on windows and this game is interesting

itd also be cool i there was a fullscreen option

plant daddy community · Created a new topic Update request

It would be cool if when we get the clear pot for a 2-star plant we can see procedurally generated roots. maybe they could be the same color as the plant? Just thought this would be something cool.

i broke my cactus to

I thought this plant looked cool. I dont have the nursery yet but im trying to get it.

a legend, truly.

beat my score of 4467 in game 0210996930

is not brain cells? him not bad, just boner like food!

thats pretty helpful!

alex's nextbots community · Created a new topic watermelon



i keep trying to go to the very end befor is stop but the thing circles arounds and i fall off the edge

water melon no tobasco?


dis is cool


an image in eache pixel imags making imags


it reminds me of this game i played that had birds, where you had to get a certin distance before night

nvr mn chrome had an update, this game is pretty fun!

what is it mean by error; fail?

This is really cool!

it would be really cool if you made like a way to make a new one every couple of seconds as like a screen saver. This is really cool!

that sounds like it would be epic! procedural generation generating a procedural generator procedurally. 


who needs landing, kamakaze can get you points, plus its more fun.



this is pretty cool! they use something like this in borderlands.

It would be really cool if you used procedural generation on the music

heres a link to someone who made a procedural music generator.

it would be cool if you turned this into a sidescroller where you fight proceduraly generated robots or something.

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sorry, I didnt realize there was already a procedural jam, and i made my own procedural jam. If you want me to cancel it i can.

link to it:

Is anyone interested in a procedural jam?

anyone interested in the procedural jam?

anyone interested in the procedural jam?

might ye be interested in the procedural jam?