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That one would be Scene 7, if you have the walkthrough that one is in there, only the new v.0.14 is missing.

In order to unlock it you need to go back to Steph's house on Day 9 when she invites you to stay over, but do not have anal sex with her when she cannot find the condoms!

She'll give you a blowjob instead and it will unlock that scene.

Hope this helps!


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Glad you are enjoying the game.

Yes the walkthrough will be updated soon, probably with v.0.15 as it will spoil a ton of the story stuff and I want people to have a playthrough before they know all the best answers. Is there a specific scene you're looking for in the gallery though and I can tell you how to unlock it?

Thanks for your support,


Glad you enjoy the game and thank you for your support! :)

Yes with 3 characters so far, some with multiple scenes.

There is no release date set currently. It will be out some time August/September.

Somewhen in August or September, there is no release date set at present, will be announced closer to the time.

Hello, thanks, sorry should updated this as I've sorted this now.

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I'm looking for a Game Developer/Team who would be willing to allow me to use some screenshots of their game in my own game for a character's "Twitch" style stream.

I can't offer any payment for the use of these screenshots, but I will include in the overlay of the in-game stream the name of your game and you as the Developer in my game that has hundreds of thousands of views, giving you some free advertising in exchange for letting me use some screenshots.

Whilst my game is a NSFW Project, the specific scene would be SFW with no nudity or sexual scenes attached. It would just be watching one of the characters play through your game on a stream similar to the IRL "Twitch" service.

If you're interested reply here or PM me on Discord (White Phantom#8625)



This has now been resolved.


Swipe left and right in one motion and this should restore it for you.

There should also be a help section in the main menu with all the gesture controls if there are any problems in future.

Hope this helps!


Hello, no your saves should be unaffected by this. Just download the v.0.13.5 Android version and you should be able to carry on your saves without any issue :)

Hello, unfortunately you'll need to download the full android version which is supplied by a third party. I'm just waiting to get it back from them and then the full v.0.13.4 Vanessa update will be uploaded here.

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Please just download the "Defending Lydia Collier v.0.13.2 from v.0.13" folder, unzip it and drag and drop it into your "game" folder and overwrite/replace the conflicts.

This will apply v.0.13.1 as well as v.0.13.2 and bring you up to date.




When the game is completed I plan to try and launch it on Steam.

I have no idea how to do it and will need to spend some time on it, but eventually yes, however I am focusing on updates for now.

That will come once the game is completed.


Mac version is now available!

Full v.0.13.2 (complete update for Mac, Windows & Linux) folders are uploading as we speak! Just takes a little while because its 18ish gb and my upload speed is terrible, but yes they're on their way!

Thanks for your patience, the Mac build is now available for download!

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Sorry for the delay, Mac and Linux are uploading just Itch uses a slightly different system and I've got to do them one by one I just found out.

They're on their way!

Shadows over Manston will be resumed and completed after Defending Lydia Collier is completed and the final content update (v.0.16) is released.

Currently being worked on, next update will be over 4,000 renders long and bigger than my own previous update and most Adult Visual Novels, but it does take some time! Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@WhitePhantom18) or join my Discord to keep up with all the latest updates!

Currently being worked on, next update will be over 4,000 renders long and bigger than my own previous update and most Adult Visual Novels, but it does take some time! Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@WhitePhantom18) or join my Discord to keep up with all the latest updates!

Not at present, female on female domination is planned but female on male domination is not going to be added.

Some may intertwine, but most will be closed off. There are already two different paths for each girl, enabling these all to interlink would be too much for me to develop without years between updates. The Game also is set to have its finale Tuesday Evening (next update is Saturday) so there isn't a great deal of time left for those relationships to now develop if they haven't already been started.

Hello, thank you, you should be able to "Ignore" this for now and proceed, or alternatively edit the script in notepad by adding default OFFICEBETA = FALSE at the start to fix it permanently, but it has been fixed for the v.0.13 update.

Hello, yes this will be fixed in the final version once the last new update (0.16) is done. Then I'll go back and add/edit scenes so things like closing a path and the character reacting makes more sense and are more fleshed out.

The reason with the Bimbo Route is simply the opportunity, if you make Steph a Bimbo, she is with you virtually 24/7 for the rest of the game as she quits her job. Whereas non-Bimbo she will be working as a Police Officer still full-time, giving you the opportunity to see Jenna.

The first day of vacation is fully included in v.0.12.1 from the morning to flight then arrival and the first night at the villa.

Hello, thanks for letting me know, a new android link has been added for v.0.12.1.

New updates are available to the public seven days after release to Early Access, so the Defending Lydia Collier v.0.12 BETA is now available here.

Hello, you can find the logins for this on Chloe's Our Moments on Day 10

Hello, sorry about that. The Android Port is provided by a member of the community and they had some trouble with their link. I've updated a new one they provided me and it should now be up and running. Let me know if there are any further issues with it!

Thanks will have it fixed soon!

Hi, thanks for letting me know. Was this to do with "Central Government" not being defined?

Updated with a new link for v.0.10.2

Mid-July, however this is a very rough estimate. More information will be posted at nearer the time.

Hello, I've added a community made Android port to the download links

Just been released!

Yes, however this will not be until Defending Lydia Collier is complete and that game has approximately 6 major updates remaining.

The Patreon and Public versions are currently at equal stages.

v.09 has now been updated on itch :)

v.09 is now available on itch :)

Hi, you can go to or to get the latest versions. The versions uploaded here are the full versions, but backers do get these versions before they become available to the public.