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Yep, more comming soon!

yeah i agree , the quality is pretty low

its no different than for instance me looking at a painting, then making a "similar" painting.. really the logic behind the ai art bashing does not make sense

starving artist is a term for a reason, there will always be something to make an artist starve,  get a day job "artists" XD

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not sure ill check,..... seems the file is gone, absolutely no idea why

i vote , yeah

interesting, i had not bothered to look at licenses as i was not intending to have any restriction but that is good to know, thank you.

with that said yes i believe that would be a CC0 licesnce.

free to be used for anything, even commercial


Thank you! I was going to add a bug joke but figure id spare you lol

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omg this is unreal, the sheets are so big most of my programs and my engine cannot open them, so i tried a sprite cutter apparently the images are not evenly spaced so thing get cut in half about halfway down the sheet. so i try to see if i missed any instructions and tried to read the READ ME file... turns out its in docx. format so i have to pay $99 im told by Microsoft to get the program to read it.........what the heck, am i missing something?  EDIT: SOLVED: for anyone else who was like me and had no idea how this works

the creator of the packs has a software that uses these sheets, to create custom characters.. it was on his discord channel

which the leads you to this page

Rpg Tools by Nightmare_82 (

WOW. super disappointed, i rarely buy assets but this one looked pretty nice. open it up and get to work and find it only has sideways attack animations......"banging my head against the wall"  otherwise its not too bad but dam