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What kind words...thank you so much!! things never go as fast as I hope, but I will get them done all the same. thank you for your support <3

WYS Is Looking for Music

Call for Applications: Music Makers Wanted
Hello! I am currently looking to commission 12 different artists to join and collaborate on my Zodiac Dating Sim, What's Your Sign? Does writing a song based on your Zodiac Sign sound like fun? Excellent!! I'd like to pay you to do that for me.


  • Applications open July 19-26
  • One-Time paid work
  • Must be willing to join project discord upon acceptance
  • Must be able to work with deadlines
  • 18+ preferred
  • POC and Trans artists greatly encouraged to apply


They got it right!! Ahaha, that's so cool!! Thanks for playing, hopefully we will have an update out soon. :- )

What a sweet sweet comment, this warms my heart!! Thank you so much. Darn, sorry it didn't guess your sign right, but I'm glad you still had fun!! I'm a cusp sign too, it can be a little tricky can't it? But that's a lovely cusp to have!!

In regards to the MC speaking vs thinking, that is something I've been working on :'- ) hopefully the upcoming demo will be much clearer, thank you for the feedback~!!

!!!! this is so thrilling to hear!! Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked them!! I'm really trying to get the "astrology" parts to shine without the characters feeling like stereotypes. There's so much to love in each sign!! thanks for playing!!

ahhhh, shucks!! hopefully the next round of updates makes it a little more accurate....I'm glad it was still enjoyable though, thank you so much!!

This is such a sweet message!! Thank you so so much, I am making progress on the updated demo....finishing up the sprites currently!! After that, it'll be pretty smooth sailing....hopefully there will be updates soon~ thanks for joining the journey!!

this almost made me cry!! how typically Pisces of me, haha. I am SO glad you enjoyed it though, I'm currently working on a Full Demo which is currently resting around 80k+ words (WOWIE) so in the future you can look forward to something a little more meaty. Thank you so much, this made my whole day. <3 How funny they guessed your sister sign!!

ahhhh heck...i'm gonna need to do some tweaking haha!! well, i'm glad you still enjoyed it!! perhaps the updated version will be able to pin you down, you slippery Pisces!!

it got it!! victory!! ahhh, I'm so glad. virgos are so good :- )

This of my favorite comments. Piper IS small and cute, this makes me so happy!! thank you so much, sorry for such a delayed reply ahhh!! 

I'm glad it at least got another Air sign!! but yes, there are some tweaks that need to (and will be!!) made in another release. I really like the idea of them guessing who will end up with the MC....that's actually really cute ;v;

thank you so much for your kind words and feedback. a second demo is in the works!!

Such a sweet comment, thank you!! the questions and vales are absolutely something I'd like to tweak...and probably will shortly. You're in luck also! I've just finished writing the script for the official demo...and it's about 80k words long. Oof! I'll try not to keep you waiting long, haha!

I wanted it to be a teeny bit of a guessing game...but also I cheated a little bit! The signs ask their questions in their order on the zodiac wheel, hehe~

I'm so trilled to hear that, thank you so much!! a lot of love has gone into it, that for sure, haha!!

ahhhhhh, ty!! ♡

Such a wonderful comment, thank you so much!! I'm so so glad you enjoyed this, AND that they got it right!! Oh boy!! I know you left your comment a while ago, but it's still very kind. We're working on a new demo which will be more in line with the actual game, and it'll hopefully be out in the next couple months. Hooray!!

That's awfully kind of you to say!! Sorry to admit, it's not super accurate, but I'm glad you've been enjoying it all the same. We hope to have a new demo out in the next few months, which will more resemble the actual game.