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why cant i rebuild the broken walls

Last Wood community · Created a new topic meat racks

i cant figure out were to put the meat rack were ever i hover over something it never shows pls help

Last Wood community · Created a new topic more floors idea

in sims 4 when you switch too a different floors the top one hidescan you add that in this game it would be extremely helpful 

this is how i make bone in this game all you do is make a area were you have hammocks or anything to sleep a water purifier and a barrel or just a rain collecter  and a fishing area make co-bobs put them in a crate and after a while when you have a lot of people just pick them off and collect the bone 

can you actually make boats with sails yet or is that a future update 

Last Wood community · Created a new topic sailing ?

i was watching the new game trailer and i saw  that you played a scene were you had a boats with sails but i dont know how to make or get i dont know if that was a Easteregg  i think it would be really cool if you added it