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Thank you for playing!

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*The first beta version is completed!


- Fixed critical bug from an alpha
- Added sky parallax during the flying cutscene
- Remove all automatic turn-off message box. (When the dialogue disappeared without pressing the button.)
- Fixed the pictures bug
- Fixed some off-screen dialogue

*Fixed the bug from the previous version. Since it has only map-moving event and nothing else to do...


 Now it should have...

- The story progression with some amount of dialogues
- Two "Tag Pulling" events about the boy pursuing the girl and the stockings one (the latter has minigame though it's kind of unfinished).
- Moving between two rooms, save the game and sleep to end the alpha demo.


Sorry for my mistake!

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*Fixed the display of the symbol for the book puzzle.

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Do you mean an answer to the puzzle, or how the symbol can be showed? 
If it's the first one, I can't tell you here as it is a spoiler and it would be a bit disrespectful towards the developer to show the answer to his puzzle on the public. A little hint : look at the table.

If it's the second one, I have no idea. If neither, please clarify me. 

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*P.S. You can monetize the video right now if you want to :)

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Thank you for playing it! I'm not sure if the developer didn't include any clues to his puzzle or maybe it was just hidden somewhere, though.
P.S. You can monetize the video right now if you want to :)

Thank you for playing and making a let's play of it!

Thank you! It's good that you like it.

Thank you!

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*Anirone 2.1
*Fixed the critical bug which made the game froze near the bad end of the game.

*Fixed the error in Intro's description by Jit.

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The creator said please wait. 

I'll ask the creator about this. I'll let you know once he reply.

RPG Maker VX ACE :)

Oh! Thank you for playing! I haven't played the dark sides of little ridding hood yet, so I can't really tell.

Thanks for playing! I agree that it's too short ^O^

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing :)

Thank you for playing our translation work!

Thank you!

Wow! Thank you for making a Let's Play of it!

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Oh! Thank you for telling me that :) Done!