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Awesome little game and atmosphere. I liked the abstract setting and randomness.


Already did @Jupiter Hadley. Thanks for playing :)

Thanks @Skyrunner65 for trying it out :)

Very interesting mechanic. With more polishing, this could turn out to be a gem.

@MAxODidily Thanks! I have a link to the full version of the track in the game page if you want to listen to the full thing, was really fun to make something that sounded old-school and fit the fast pace of the game.

Note: If you are one of the competitive types, try to beat the developer score:

Thanks :D

@Fissurefury Thanks for the feedback. And you are right, I need more secrets. I really want to explore the idea of secret stages :)

@Delca Thanks! This is my first game that I made completely from scratch, I was aiming for a fun experience on top of everything else. I was actually planning to release an extra stage at some point where you are on foot, might improve it after the jam. Thanks for trying it out!

Thanks for the feedback guys. @stuartlangridge I explore the car mechanics more in later stages, don't want to spoil anything though :)

Posted below is the developer score. Know that if you pass that point, you are going into uncharted territory (that even we haven't seen):

It would be awesome if you could batch-edit tiles, so an entire tileset would change color instead of having to change each one individually.