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Oh these are great, I’ve played Lists of Things to pass the time late at night when I need to stay awake, as well. It’s best when you let little pedantic arguments carry you through the time, knowing that you’re all still friends afterward. I’m excited to see what stories I can make with River of Dreams. I expect one thing, but I know it will be even greater than what I can imagine.

Neat idea, I like the clip art style golfers. I’m getting some really bad stuttering, though.

Cute, with a nice progression to the challenges.

The feeling of growing anxiety from seeing the ghosts come in when you’re already under pressure is really nice

This is incredibly fun, and such a neat concept!

Can I add to the Community Copies by adding extra for the cost of another copy?

I'll be using TIC-80, though I don't have any really good ideas going into the jam. Most likely I'll roll some dice to come up with a random idea and kludge it together over a couple of hours right at the end.

Did you end up setting up an account somewhere, or is there some other way I can donate for your hard work?