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Cool Idea; two hands are essential!

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Very Fun game, also very hard. Good Job!

Very Fun game, also very hard.

The game seems to be broken. I ran the 1st zip (windows) and it gave an error saying it was missing 2 dll files: "libgcc_s_seh-1.dll" and "libstdc++-6.dll".

This game is fun! My best is 6-10!

Ah, yes that's the one!

best game, very good

Oh no, I was worried about the window. I could't resize it because it messed up the GUI so I hoped that It wouldn't be that bad, but oh well.

Surprisingly addicting. My best is 142.

A cool twist on that moble game (I don't remember what it's called), good all around.

This is awesome! I love how you're not playing as the heroes, but the fire-breathing dragon. Very fun, very easy to pick up, very cool. Good job.

controls are a bit strange. WASD+CV is kinda awkward and I can't even figure out what the P2 attack and jump buttons are. Pixel art's great though!

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Great game! Might want to add an indicator for the next dice your going to throw somewhere, like on your aiming cursor since looking over at the left side of the scene is a bit annoying. Also, if you tab out of the game, you can't move anymore; might want to fix that.

Literally amazing, brings me back to the days of Bloxors.

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How do you play? All I see is 3 decreasing health bars, a blue void, and some sell buttons? It doesn't look like the thumbnail on discord.

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The game seems to freeze if you roll without selecting a category. I don't remember what I did the first time though, but it seems to be reproducible every time if you click roll while no category is selected anytime after your first roll. Seems fixable if you prevent people from pressing roll if they haven't selected a category.

I guessed "one" and he said I was wrong. Hmmm...

The GUI kinda breaks the flow of the gameplay, but otherwise, this game is AWESOME!

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Saw you were looking for feedback on discord. Most people probably won't read the comments to find out the controls, and I personally didn't intuit that I needed to move when playing. The game is almost completely possible to play without moving and the player has no visible legs/wheels. You might want to consider adding something like a WASD prompt or treads on the turret. Otherwise, it's alright, kind of a bit boring though. It might be more fun if the rolls sped up faster.

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so I clicked Yahtzee, then roll, then it zoomed in, and soft-locked? I have no idea what to do? I like the idea of this though: dice that have a higher probability of certain numbers.