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my bad, this game is buggy af

my bad. next game will have subtitles


It's most likely a problem on your end but yes, it's definitely not worth waiting hours to play a 15 minute game

what version and what's happening

i appreciate the honesty 

this is good. optimal environment for playing

stuck in the mail mb

nah you're good

markiplier played this one, might just be the same one haha

Beautiful short story! Loved it!

I don't think I've every played a game quite as personal as this one. I'm not sure how to put into words how much I love that it exists. Thank you for making this.


It is now June again. It did kinda got canned, but I'll be uncanning it soon.

Yes, just go into the actual game page and you can play it right there.

thank you so much for your kind words!!!!! i'm very glad you liked it



Thanks for playing it!

thank you so much! that's pretty much what we were going for!


Hi! Quick question. Hopefully there's still time to get an answer.

If the characters in the story talk about a person who recently passed away (a fictional person), would that require a content warning?

Loved this! Very short but hard hitting and loved the nostalgic minecraft setting.

this is very cute. i hope the server can be brought back soon!

Se siente como la clase de juego que se volvería leyenda urbana de internet en los 2000's. Muy bueno, me encantó!

I'm always amazed by devs who work on every aspect of their games, I've been wanting to make music for my upcoming games so bad! Your devlogs, have once again, given me much needed inspiration. Might look into Bitwig too!

Just went through all the devlogs for the game. I've been putting off this game idea I've had for a while and you just inspired me to finally get started!

Very fun idea. Nice job!

I appreciate it.

Very nice, i particularly liked the image of the three people in the forest!

No idea what this could be. Try another browser maybe?

Thanks! I used Godot.


Probably not.

Yes. Audio is vital. But subtitles will be added soon.

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Expect your letter on April 23rd.

What was the joke? I missed it.

Game looks really interesting! Any way you can make a Mac version?

This was great. Short but effective. And I'm a big fan of the art. Nothing flashy, but perfect for the story. It really helps create this nightmarish atmosphere beautifully. Great work!

Oh my god, this is so cute. And the story, while simple, is so strangely compelling. I can't put into words why I love it so much but I do. Even though the game is very short, you managed to capture the feeling of melancholy really well, at least in my opinion. Nice job.