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Need some help, I have a quest to 'familiarize yourself with the town' but whenever I try to talk to people such as the clothing shop keeper of the fish lady they just say not right now?

It's not the game that isnt compatable, Dualshock 4 doesn't support PC play without things like DS4WIN, or JoytoKey.

Can you make an option to turn off motion blur?

Alright man! That's really cool, I'm Weloo#4203



Certainly has a lotof potential, keep working on the next game modes and possibly add 3-4 players at a time, an idea that I thought of would be a sort of Mortal Kombat style team fight where you would switch from one person fighting and the other watching, and switch jobs where player 1s character would go out and player 2s character would come in.

Possible to get a system req?

That usually means it doesn't work with your video/graphics card.

i found the button of the Overpoweredness of GODS

Where is the .exe file I couldn't find it anywhere in the game files?

Alright, Thank you anyway!

Possible To get source code?

Very Fun And Interesting! May I suggest adding more save spots, I kinda suck at video games. 10/10. Good job

Very Nice.......

How do you pour the tea?

What is NTT?