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Theres so many cards to use, but theres only 4 slots, at least 2 of those are reserved for boring cards, so the fun cards are impossible to consistently use

I didnt realize garden replied to this lol, that's exactly what i was going to ask.

bruh how do you get past that screen tho

When I first saw Bob I physically recoiled at his face, and in the wake up animation where the protagonist takes his shirt off I felt like overdosing so I hopefully forgot how his body looked, please please redraw every single character.

 Also, this some of the most confusing navigation ever. I can barely even figure out how to leave the house or get from one place to another without pressing 70 buttons.

it says move you head to the right??? what does that even mean??

I meant the characters

What program is the art made in?

Would be nice to have a small demo to see the UI and art style more :)

nigga why you writing like this is ign

same i was so disappointed that she was cut off so soon

well the who's YOUR favorite

i could imagine that it gets pretty boring working on the same game(s) for years straight, i'm glad Siren's making new, original stuff.

Thank you 😘

Hey Trash Gods, quick question. Can I have a kiss?

for reference, i made this review in a fit of fury at this game

carbon copy of FNAF but the animatronics have tits, would've liked more

oui oui je'mapelle croissant

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It's a problem with the game, even if you slip past that part the games crashed every few scenes. There's no way for you to fix it.

what the fuck is this

Mitch community · Created a new topic File Save Location

Any idea where Mitch saves APKs? Are they encrypted or something?

damn i wouldn't've expect such a well worded answer

Great game, but the timed chapters thing is the stupidest design choice I've ever seen anyone ever make.

Where was it before?


DevilsDad I want to kiss you

Ah, that makes sense.

Is there a reason why?

When is 0.7A going public?